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Does anyone know what the sizes for Pure Company and Massimo dutti are like...just about to order....

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alwaysrunninginheels · 25/02/2012 15:30

Tried to post this a few moments ago so hope it's not a double. Anyway have found some things I really like on these sites but don't have any idea what there sizes Are like nd don't really want to order 2 sizes of each. Please help if you can!

OP posts:
madammecholet · 25/02/2012 15:38

Massimo Dutti comes up small, tiny in fact. Spanish brand, owned by same group as Zara...

Don't know about Pure...

alwaysrunninginheels · 25/02/2012 17:05

Oh thanks for that. Will not order smaller size then! Hopefully will hear re pure collection too.....too many choices!

OP posts:
partyhats · 25/02/2012 17:41

I also find Massimo Dutti sizes v small. I am usually an 8- 10 for tops but the 12 is more like a 10. Trousers are the same, I think size up one size for both. No experience of Pure collection though.

PaintedandPatched · 29/06/2013 23:50

I am looking at buying a leather gillet from Massimo Dutti. I'm usually a 10. Do you think I should get a Small or Medium? I am a E bra size and would like to be able to zip it up. I'm thinking Medium? Any advise?

Alibabaandthe40nappies · 29/06/2013 23:59

Pure sizing is IME very variable. Trousers come up fairly true but knitwear can come up pretty big for some styles.

aftermay · 30/06/2013 00:03

MD indeed very small.

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