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£100 to spend - need some stylish help pleeeease!

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RubyCharlie · 24/02/2012 15:58

Hello, I have been lurking for months on the style and beauty board and have picked up some fantastic tips so thank you!! I have just been given £100 to spend on myself. I know that is not that much in the grand scheme of S&B but I was wondering what to spend it on. I am size 16/18 but trying to lose weight. I am early thirties but feel like a total frump. I have a good (I think) hair cut so that is ok (also a BBH!) good nails, but the rest of me clothes and style wise feels awful. I am a SAHM so money is tight which is why I want to spend this £100 wisely. I need something to cheer me up a bit and keep me going till the weight comes off. Any ideas? Clothes/accessories, any help appreciated. Thanks in advance :-)

OP posts:
mirpuppet · 24/02/2012 19:35

What do you like?

I might do a fab pair of shoes or a new bag. Something you will use everyday and you can use once the weight comes off.

buggyRunner · 24/02/2012 19:40

I'd go for a dress, leggings and a nice pair of shoes. The dress will fit if you drop a size as will leggings.

Dp's or asos for the dress.

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