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Hemlines. At what age should they be no shorter than knee-skimming?

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HotDAMNlifeisgood · 24/02/2012 13:26

I wonder if I am aging disgracefully by wearing dresses that show a bit of thigh at work. I am 32.

Any precepts?

OP posts:
pocketandsweet · 24/02/2012 13:37

I think it is more a matter of how good your legs are rather than your age. I personally would not consider 32 to be too old to be wearing above knee skirts. Like most things I think it is about how you wear it and where you wear it.

mrsmartin · 24/02/2012 13:47

I think you can show a bit of thigh, it's all relative to height but I think you should always have at least 6 inches of fabric from the bottom of the bum towards the knee (iykwim) for a look that can still be considered demure (but if you have great legs and are off on a night out go as short as you like Wink)

pootlebug · 24/02/2012 13:49

I agree it's more about what legs you have than a cut-off on age. I also think it depends on tights etc - I would wear shorter skirts with thick tights or leggings than I would wear bear-legged in the summer, for instance. I'm 35 btw.

speculationisrife · 24/02/2012 13:53

Agree that it partly depends on other factors like whether it suits your body type. For example, I'm a young-looking fairly petite 39 and today I'm wearing a black Cos mini-dress with black opaque tights and black Converse. i.e appropriate for where I work and my personal style, and not overtly sexy. Definitely not too old at 32, though, good grief!

HotDAMNlifeisgood · 24/02/2012 13:59

Totally agree on the opaque tights. And glad there is no age cut-off.

You are all probably right about it being the quality rather than the age of the thighs that matters most. In fact, it is probably the fact that I am carrying around a couple more pounds than usual that gave me pause: yesterday's short shift dress was bought when I was a tad underweight.

Lovely. A bit more exercise and I'll be good to go again, for a fair few years yet.

OP posts:
Bonsoir · 24/02/2012 14:08

I'm 45 and show lots of thigh, in mini skirts and in shorts, albeit with nice opaque winter tights!

KristinaM · 24/02/2012 14:11

I am even older than bonsoir and also wear opques and shortish skirts. But with non tarty shoes and no flesh showing eg upper arms, chest etc. And i have good legs < modest>

KristinaM · 24/02/2012 14:12

But with bare legs i wear just above knee length, except on the beach / in resort etc

yellowraincoat · 24/02/2012 14:12

I find it BONKERS utterly BONKERS that anyone at 32 thinks they're too old for ANYTHING.

And Yoko Ono still wears miniskirts and looks bloody amazing.

HotDAMNlifeisgood · 24/02/2012 14:18

That she does, yellow.

But I've got my first wrinkle, too. See, right there! ...You mean this doesn't change anything? Wink

OP posts:
QED · 24/02/2012 14:27

I agree about tights - am 36 and wear shorter dresses in winter than summer. Definitely not too old at 32 :)

RecursiveMoon · 24/02/2012 14:29

Arf at bear-legged. Actually Shock, I am a bit bear-legged at the moment.

Freshlettice · 01/03/2012 08:13

I'm older than Bonsoir too and size 14 with big boobs and wear mid-thigh dresses in the winter but always tights or leggings and boots. Summer dresses are usually a bit longer as there's more flesh showing up top. I' m not the most leggy of girls and I can get away with it ok. I wouldn't wear a bodycon dress type with bare legs though- it would look too mutton dressed as. My dresses/tunics are usually sweater for winter and empire line otherwise.
I only wear really short stuff with bare legs in the garden in summer.

mamalovebird · 01/03/2012 08:22

Depends on your legs, not your age imo. I'm 35 and an apple shape so have good legs and a hideous round middle so I wear dresses pretty much 100% of the time.

My rules are:
Thigh length - opaque tights
Knee length - bare legs allowed

We have a lady at work who is 48 and has fabulous legs so wears tunics and dresses all the time to make us green with envy to show them off!

Get 'em out! (your legs that is)

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