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Please go and look at all your recently purchased dresses and let me know if you could breastfeed in them

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HarderToKidnap · 20/02/2012 01:02

I have a lovely 10wo DS. Pre-DS, I cared very little for clothes and would sling on whatever I had. Now I am feeding DS, I'm having to think more carefully about what I can wear and so am actually selecting outfits. This has lead to lots of compliments, which obviously reinforces the outfit selecting!

I'm really into dresses/long tunicky type tops, but these are hard to feed in. Can I ask for recommendations of recently purchased dresses that lend themselves to feeding? It doesn't have to be discreet feeding, I can chuck a muslin over myself, but the boob does have to be accessible - so deep vs, stretchy necklines, shirt dresses, proper wrap dresses etc. I'd be ever so grateful!

OP posts:
Tinsie · 20/02/2012 01:08
RockChick1984 · 20/02/2012 09:24

Warehouse usually sell some lovely cheap wrap dresses, which ar fabulous to feed in. Also seen loads of shirt dresses on debenhams website, can't link as on my phone, but if you just type it into the search bar they all come up.

SilentBoob · 20/02/2012 09:29

I have often found stretchy day dresses in Monsoon that are fine for feeding in.

Greenrabbit · 20/02/2012 10:18

I bought something similar to this dress last year. It was very easy to bf in and washed really well too.

er1507 · 20/02/2012 23:00

my dd is 7mo and the last 2 dresses i have bought have been good for feeding. one a stretchy skater dress from topshop the other a wrap dress from

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