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smelly feet?

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addictediam · 18/02/2012 19:39

I want to wear nice shoes and less of my trainers. The problem I have is my smelly feet Blush they smell if I wear ballet pumps with tights/pop sock things or just bare feet. Anyone know why this is or what I can do to stop it? I really hate wearing trainers all the time and its too cold to wear flip flops

OP posts:
mrsmartin · 18/02/2012 19:56

Try the odour eaters spray - it can be used on both shoes and feet (DH needs it for his work boots).

Also - tea tree oil is a natural deoderant so try rubbing a couple of drops into the soles of your feet after your shower

ConstanceChatterley · 18/02/2012 19:58

After wearing shoes I wipe out with baby wipe and spray the inside with a no white marks deoderant. They then go in the airing cupboard overnight to fully dry.

If I know I'm having a long day, I sometimes spray antiperspirant on my feet Blush which helps a lot.

I also find spending more per pair (but having fewer pairs) and buying leather (and leather soled) shoes helps too.

All that is preventative really - since I moved house and we only have a bath not a shower, I have found my feet never smell as I can give them a really good clean in the bath.

Bonsoir · 18/02/2012 19:58

Take baths rather than showers, scrub your feet all over in the bath every day with a friction mitt and soap, and have professional pedicure from time to time.

ConstanceChatterley · 18/02/2012 20:02

If you only have a shower, one of these may help Wink

ujjayi · 18/02/2012 20:03

Second vote for only wearing leather shoes. If I wear Converse or non-leather shoes I only wear for a maximum of a few hours. I also rarely wear the same pair two days running - I don't have loads of shoes, just wear them on a kind of rota system (that sounds really control freakish doesn't it?!).

Make sure you wash thoroughly between toes and around the nails (including, yeuch, removing scuzz from beneath your toe nail, iyswim) and dry them equally as thoroughly.

Take your shoes off at every opportunity to let your feet breathe. I never wear shoes at home - taking them off from the minute I walk through the door. Only wear cotton socks and tights with high percentage of natural fibres (again, cotton or merino are good options).

Keep shoes in a well-ventilated area not in the wardrobe. Gives them time to "air" as it were.

addictediam · 18/02/2012 20:05

Thanks for the tips, I've sprayed deodrant on them a couple pf time but feel like I shouldnt have to? It's good to know its 'normal' for others too.

OP posts:
PastGrace · 18/02/2012 20:12

I always shake a bit of talcum powder into my shoes and then tap the excess out over the bin. I like to think it absorbs the smell. It might not work scientifically, but I never notice my shoes smelling once I've done it.

MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay · 18/02/2012 22:22

A good de-stinker is this: Get some bicarbonate of soda from the supermarket (baking isle!) and some cornflour. Mix a couple of table spoons together and pour into your shoes.. rub it in a bit and leave overnight..or even better, ina sunny dry place.

Shake/hoover it out next day. It works brilliantly and is such a cheap way to de stink shoes and boots! I found the tip on a site about de stinking uggs.. mine were getting a bit evil due to wearing them barefoot and it completely freshened them up..I now do them fortnightly:)

Bicarb really is a miracle substance!

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