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Dying eyebrows lighter

11 replies

yellowraincoat · 17/02/2012 18:22

Since I can remember I have had problematic eyebrows. They are jet black, even though I have mousy hair and pale skin. I feel like I'm constantly plucking them and as I have my hair currently dyed a light gingery colour I really want them to be a little lighter.

How difficult is it to do this at home? I really don't have a lot of cash to go to a salon. Is the upkeep difficult? Am I going to hugely regret it and end up painting my brows in every day?

OP posts:
Heswall · 17/02/2012 18:31

The latest scouse brow look is to dye your eyebrows darker kate Middleton does it to make her eyes and cheekbones stand out.
It would appear you are quite the trend setter.

yellowraincoat · 17/02/2012 18:34

But I HAAAATE them. I don't have lucious Middleton locks, I have pale fine hair and my brows stand out like no-one's business.

Or should I be happy? Now I'm feeling conflicted...

OP posts:
Heswall · 17/02/2012 22:07

Maybe dying your hair would be easier and more effective ?

chandellina · 18/02/2012 08:50

I sometimes dye my dark brown brows with a dark blonde hair dye that makes them a shade lighter. Just don't try anything too light and no bleach.

yellowraincoat · 18/02/2012 13:30

I really don't suit dark hair. I look well washed out if I do.

Don't all blonde dyes have bleach in them?

OP posts:
MissMarplesSidekick · 18/02/2012 19:00

I wonder what dark roots on eye brows would look like Confused

Have you had a consultation with your local saloon?

georgesmummy11 · 18/02/2012 19:25

No blonde dyes don't have bleach in only bleach.
I wouldn't recommend using hair colour to lighten my friend who also is a hairdresser tried it and she had ginger eyebrows.

goodnightmoon · 18/02/2012 21:59

Yeah but op has gingery hair anyway! I have used hair dye and no problems.

yellowraincoat · 18/02/2012 23:16

Saloon, MissMarplesSidekick? Why yes I have, I'm having a gunfight there at dawn... Grin

OP posts:
MissMarplesSidekick · 18/02/2012 23:24

Noon tomorrow? Wink

valiumredhead · 19/02/2012 09:04

I have always had jet black brows and blonde hair - when I was a kid it was white blonde! I would leave well alone tbh!

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