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hair hard to style after colour?

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Pharoahnuff · 17/02/2012 12:24

is proper aveda colour - lovely and soft and shiny - but very very straight.
is that normal?

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MeltedChocolate · 17/02/2012 15:37

cClouring my hair makes it impossible to deal with. It becomes brittle and horrid. Will never dye again. Some people don't get on well with it but most seem fine. Dunno about the straight thing sorry.

Pharoahnuff · 17/02/2012 17:18

thanks MC
its not brittle just straight

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Shutupanddrive · 18/02/2012 07:58

I've had highlights in my hair, it feels really brittle and very difficult to manage. Also tangles easily. Don't think I'll bother again. Has always been ok going darker though, it must be the bleach Sad

mrsmartin · 18/02/2012 12:07

Hair colour plumps up the hair shaft and the conditioner used after is designed to make the cuticle as smooth as possible so If you had a very slight kink to your hair it is quite likely that colour would make it abit straighter. If you want more texture then either use a product, a tool or dry it in a bun. As the colour fades it should begin to revert back to it's usual state.

As a note - if you go lighter with hair colour you need bleach which strips the hair and damages it. If you go darker you are adding colour which plumps it out and makes it appear healthier/shiner

Pharoahnuff · 18/02/2012 17:14

thanks mrs m

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