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Which foundation?

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Goober · 15/02/2012 20:33

I have oily skin. Prone to spots and sensitive to some creams.
I have been using Maybeline and some Avon products but they neither give a lasting cover nor do they agree with my skin.
Is a mineral foundation the answer? If so, which one?


OP posts:
mumofjust1 · 15/02/2012 20:40


I've been using it for a year and find it great - YouTube has lots of reviews Smile

helpmeoutwiththisplease · 15/02/2012 20:50

I've recently starting using Estee Lauder Doublewear light and really rate it - I have combination skin, but it is an oil free foundation so should be good if you have oily skin. I only use as small blob and so far a tube has lasted nearly a year so even though it's a little bit more expensive it's worth it.

Lasts all day - but still feels and looks natural imo. I have quite sensitive skin too and haven't reacted to it.

wonkylegs · 15/02/2012 21:02

Spend the money and go for Bobbi Brown foundation it's worth every penny.
Speak to them at the counter and they will recommend the right one i forget which one but it sounds like you need the one I has when I was pregnant

Limelight · 15/02/2012 21:02

Laura Mercier, Laura Mercier, Laura Mercier. Did I mention Laura Mercier? You'll never want to use anything else again!

Bunbaker · 15/02/2012 22:17

Bare Minerals. Go to Debenhams and get them to make up your face for you.

mrsmartin · 15/02/2012 23:19

It's all about bare minerals and a primer. My make up lasts 16 hours and looks exactly the same at the end of the day as it does at the start.

whatever foundation you choose - make sure you use primer as it makes a massive difference to how long it lasts.

BettyBathroom · 15/02/2012 23:48

Wht is a primer? to the mineral world!Blush

mrsmartin · 15/02/2012 23:56

Primer should be worn under all make up!!

It basically acts as a barrier between your skincare and your make up, so your skincare doesn't absorb your make up and your make up lasts longer. I would recommend one like this bodyshop one or this bare minerals one

It will make a big difference to how long you make up lasts and you will probably find you get less spots too :)

TreesDogsBooks · 16/02/2012 00:26

Barbera Daly oil free liquid foundation. Excellent and cheap ish. I have spent untold amounts on different brands high and low end and always come back to this for everyday use.

EllenParsons · 16/02/2012 01:13

Agree on need for primer. I love the Smashbox Photofinish one or MAC.

I have oily skin and I really like NARS sheer matte foundation. It doesn't melt off my face like some other foundations do... I don't even need to set it with powder it is that good at saying on! Estee Lauder Doublewear also good.

BettyBathroom · 16/02/2012 08:53

I've been doing this all wrong - just use concealer to cover up open pores and under eye shawdow and then a loose translucent foundation - I hate that mask look. I don't even use special face moisturiser, I used to but it never made any difference to my skin - just my pocket, now I use Aveeno. I don't get spots.

But my powder is running out and never being someone to shy away from progress Wink the Bare Minerals Foundation looks very intriguing - a away of avoiding the mask look - if I can find the right shade and for a pasty type that can be a challenge.

mrsmartin · 16/02/2012 10:02

Ah betty - come over to the bare (minerals) side!!! BE shade selection is pretty easy. If you could say your skin tone was like a celebrity, what celebrity would you pick? Eg my skin is very like audrey tautou - it can be snow white palr right through to an olivy subtle tan but is generally porcelain.

ifancyashandy · 16/02/2012 10:07

My skin is oily and prone to open pores. I have got HUNDREDS of foundations - ranging from Laura Mercier to Maybelline via Georgio Armani, Bobbi Brown & Chanel. I also have Bare Minerals (but I find it waaaaaaay to orange and caked looking - no matter how I mix it / apply it in small amounts).

The absolute best one I've found is a Bourgeois '8 Hour Sleep Effect'. Amazing coverage, great colour (natural) and fab staying power.

EllenParsons · 16/02/2012 10:57

Betty, foundation that is a proper colour match to your natural skin tone and applied with a decent brush should not look like a mask!

Bunbaker · 16/02/2012 15:57

"but I find it waaaaaaay to orange and caked looking - no matter how I mix it / apply it in small amounts"

Then you are using the wrong colour. The right colour foundation should match your skin exactly. Also, if you apply it properly - a little at time it won't look masklike or cakey.

hatcam · 16/02/2012 16:15

Feel like I should whisper this.....

I don't like bare minerals. I think it always looks 'made up' and not fresh and natural, whatever the marketing says. It really deadens the skin, hence why you have to add light, shimmer, shading, blush. Even with the lightest touch, it makes the skin look flat.

It also made my skin really itchy, the brushes and buffing made my skin sore, the makeup gets everywhere, the colours oxidise badly and when I got hot and sweaty at work (sounds all wrong I know) my face began to sting.

Rant over. As you were.

(I do love Bourjois healthy mix and Laura mercier oil free tinted moisturiser, have dabbled with the chanels, Clinique and bobbi brown).

ifancyashandy · 16/02/2012 16:21

Hatcam are you me?!

I know foundation should match my skin exactly! I've been wearing it a number of years and like I said, I have many many different ones for different times of the month the year. I like make up and wear it daily. I know how to apply foundation.

I've tried loads of different shades of Bare Minerals and have applied it in teeny tiny amounts and built up slowly. I don't like it. It always looks mask like / cakey. On me.

hatcam · 16/02/2012 16:27

Quite glad it's not just me! I do think though that it photographs quite well, but as having my photo taken is something I avoid at all costs it's not for me.

(whispers very quietly....I think it's a fad and it's 'natural' 'breathable' claims don't stand scrutiny)

ifancyashandy · 16/02/2012 16:30

(I do like the 'Warmth' though - but have to use just the smallest amount. Else one looks like a TOWIE extra!)

BettyBathroom · 16/02/2012 17:53

I can't find Base Minerals anyway - not in my local JLP or Debenhams, where do you buy it?

mrsmartin · 16/02/2012 18:05

I disagree about BE looking flat - it has an irredescence in it (so much so that they also have a matte version). However, each to their own - I like it as my every day make up but I do dabble with others. I love Mall powder foundation for a night out. Also have bobbi brown etc but BE just gives me the finish I want. I personally don't think it looks like you aren't wearing make up - I definately look 'made up' but to me that is the point - I like to have a glamourous face on. It does't look like a mask though.

Also - can't see how a product that has been going over 30 years can be called a fad.

betty there are counters all over the place and also lots of salons stock it (because they can confidently apply it to a customer after a facial - go figure). Here is their search page

BettyBathroom · 16/02/2012 18:15

Thanks mrsmartin there is one quite close, will go and check it out next week when the dcs are safely back at school.


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QuinnFabray · 16/02/2012 19:06

I don't like Bare Minerals either. Aside from the fact that I think I'm allergic to the bismuth, I think the brushes are rubbish and scratchy, and it's all a bit of a faff, I don't like the feel or the finish.

I have oily sensitive skin, and I've tried a lot of different foundations, probably 30 or 40 different ones. Most of them either break me out, or just slide off my face.

Primer is essential if you have oily skin. A really good one for this type of skin is MAC spf 50 prep and prime.

I like Estee Lauder double wear light ( the double wear is okay if applied in the right way ), really like the Bourjois ones, but I get shiney quickly with them, so sadly not for me.

I loved the staying power and feel and finish of MAC pro longwear, but sadly it broke me out. Great foundation if you have oily skin though.

I love Shiseido sun protection liquid foundation. It's light and comfortable, but with great coverage, and it stays on my face without going shiney.

Goober · 16/02/2012 20:35

That's thrown me.
I thought everybody would come on and all tell me about one product that is the greatest in the world which I had never heard of and I would buy it, love it instantly and kick myself for having missed it for so long.
Has anybody had any experience good/bad with the Bodyshop Virgin mineral foundation thingy??

OP posts:
BettyBathroom · 22/02/2012 13:51

Quick update - visited my local Bare Minerals shop and I'm converted. They put it all on and then I strolled off to do more shopping, I glanced at the changing room mirrors where I usually look washed out and slightly ill, not this time my skin was glowing (in a good way).

mrsmartin Thanks - very much appreciated your advice, got some primer too!!!! and I even thought of you as I got some very nice tan boots..which I'll have to stroke lovingly, as the leather is so soft and beautiful.

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