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A handbag question

8 replies

CopyAllWrite · 15/02/2012 07:27

How do you store them? I've been putting them into a big plastic storage box but I just don't think that can be good for them, can it?

I'd like to see them so I can remember (and admire) them. Has anyone got a good system?

OP posts:
MrsPresley · 15/02/2012 07:33

I put them in their dustbag then in a big plastic storage box.

Not much help am I? Sorry Grin

BellaVita · 15/02/2012 07:38

Dust bags in the drawers either side of our bed.

madammecholet · 15/02/2012 11:07

In their dust bag, tissue inside if it needs it and hung in the wardrobe, or laid flat if its better. I try and treat them with leather cream before putting away too.. My DH is complaining that I now have half his double wardrobe as well as my own...the one in the spare room...oh and the roof Blush

Girl can't have too many handbags though, can she! Grin

mrsmartin · 15/02/2012 12:26

The Most important thing is to make sure you store your patent bags in dust bags as if you put a cream patent on top of a black patent, for example, the colour will bleed and transfer forever - soooooo not good. Treat handbags with the appropriate product as often as possible and store them sensibly (ie not crushed into a box) and they will look good for years.

bunionscomingsoon · 15/02/2012 12:35

If your bag is leather remember it is a natural product and feed it with leather cream regularly, store at normal room temperature and preferably in it's dust bag. If you can hang the bag all the better - if not make sure it is not squashed or creased by putting anything heavy on top of it - - I hang mine in their bags from butchers hooks off anything - wardrobe rail, inside of cupboard doors etc.. - works well for me ! Smile

CopyAllWrite · 15/02/2012 13:05

So dust bags keep cropping up in this conversation. I don't know what I've done with mine, but are they just for keeping the dust off? Sounds like I can't have them hanging au-naturel, sans dust bag...but why not?

OP posts:
BellaVita · 15/02/2012 14:33

Err because they get dusty Copy Grin

bunionscomingsoon · 15/02/2012 17:17

er you can do au-naturel copy - - but if your bedroom is anything like mine I don't want to spray hairspray on them, accidentally get eyeliner or makeup on them or splash with any of my hundreds-- few bottles of anti-wrinkle stuff!

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