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Quick homestyle question. I'm sick of the neutral look...

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trinni · 14/02/2012 22:15

Can I post this here please?

Very simply...Where do you go when you're fed up with the neutral thing (it's all over my house) and want to branch out without making one room stick out like a sore thumb?

For my living room, I'd like to start with grey sofas and build it up from there.

I do quite like the 'IKEA' style but nothing too semi-permanent - like all those horrid canvas storage type things.

I'm open to any suggestions but will draw the line at purple/lilac/mauve.

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ForwardOcho · 14/02/2012 23:06

I bought Kevin McCloud's 'Choosing Colours' for a tenner from Amazon. It is packed full of colour schemes (illustrated with room shots and paint chips) and some theory about colour. It helped me see colour and combinations in a completely different way.

trixymalixy · 14/02/2012 23:10

this site is quite good for inspiration.

One way to brighten uP a neutral look cheaply is to buy some nice cushions.

omydarlin · 15/02/2012 13:00

got totally fed up with my neutrals and added some warm sand and red and just worked from there now living room is quite nostalgic /french inspired and dining room is a bit quirky /shabby chic (red and white polka, nostalgic posters cath kidston etc etc. I?d recommend this website house to home for ideas. Have you thought about purple/ Aubergiine and/or Duck Egg accents e.g with Vases Cushions rugs and canvas???

omydarlin · 15/02/2012 13:01

OOps sorry trixy!

HouseOfGrittyBits · 15/02/2012 13:48

Paint walls white rather than cream (this seems to work okay even if you have beige carpets and furniture), and freshen up the colour scheme with coloured cushions, pictures, curtains, lampshades, blinds etc.

An easy way to do it is to choose a multicoloured item such as a painting, patterned cushion or rug as your 'starter' palette, and pick out colours from that for accent colours.

trinni · 15/02/2012 19:36

Thanks all.

I've spent some time looking at House to Home as recommended by a couple of you. It's certainly extensive and I'm beginning to gather some ideas.

omydarlinmy living room is currently cream, gold, beige, with a little bit of red but I'm utterly sick of it! I really want to move away from those shades and have a complete change.

Perhaps I will start gathering swatches and make a proper job of organising this time.

HouseOfGrittyBits I am definitely leaning towards painting the walls white (or maybe off white) as I'm sure this will achieve a fresher look to begin with.

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charitygirl · 15/02/2012 19:42

Have just this very day finished painting my living room in F&B Churlish Green, which is yellow green. Shelves and alcove wall in matt grey, and skirts etc in White. I've always used neutral and was terrified at first but it looks so warm and cost, but also v grown up. I am now seized with the desire to paint every room amazing colours.

Would def recommend getting the farrow and ball colour chart. Even if u end up colour matching them with dulux, as there are only 130 colours, and each comes with advice, it's a very good way to get solid ideas.

charitygirl · 15/02/2012 19:43

Cosy, not cost!

trinni · 15/02/2012 20:04

Mmm nice charitygirl it's a pistachio type green - I like that and I'd imagine it looks lovely with grey.

It's taking the plunge and getting started. I'm stuck with my carpet though as I cannot affort to replace it just at the moment (I don't think) or, maybe I can... It's a neutral shade but had a definite hint of a rust tone in it. This might be the only problem.

I liked one of the IKEA rooms which was predominantly shades of grey, with white paintwork and accessorised with bronze bits and bobs - it looked lovely and might work with my carpet.

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