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I need a top/dress to go out dancing in...

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minko · 13/02/2012 17:57

I'm 41, 5'8" and a size 12/14. I need a going-out top to wear with skinnies or leggings or a dress. It's a fairly informal party but I have nothing to wear, please help!

OP posts:
Clure · 13/02/2012 18:10

Not sure what colours your after but I'm liking this from warehouse
this from zara-but with a cami underneath!

minko · 13/02/2012 19:02

Thanks for looking but a bit young for me I think. Bare in mind bingo wings etc!

OP posts:
MillieMummy · 13/02/2012 19:06

Ooo - me too please.

I am two years older and two inches shorter !

I want something suitable for a casual party in a pub which will involve some dancing.

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