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clueless about hair colour...

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bebemad · 13/02/2012 13:46

My hair is a horrid mousey to dark mousey brown very flat colour except the few white hairs that are staring to show :( so I need to have it coloured but am unsure as to what to do tried high lights and really didnt like them my hair was getting lighter and lighter and looked 'dyed' especially 'cause i have dark brows.... so I am wanting something in the nice brown colour range that looks natural but my skin is pale I use estee lauder shell foundation

Any help would be great i am so rubbish at this kind of thing and I am worried I am starting to look frumpy Blush

OP posts:
Chirpychick2010 · 13/02/2012 21:56

I had the same problem so went for a golden blonde which was a warm blonde/ strawberry colour as I have pale skin and brown eyes lots of colours make me look washed out or sick. Its hard but pop into a salon and say your thinking of changing colour and need advice they don't have to know your doing it yourself best of luck x

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