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chipmunksex · 12/02/2012 22:05

Has anyone had any experience of buying prescription glasses online?

I need new distance glasses, that I wear all the time. I've gone around my local opticians over and over trying on pairs 'til my eyes ache, without finding anything I like.

So are online opticians any good? What happens if when I get them they do not fit or even need a little tweak? Not to mention what if I hate them? What about aftercare, like replacing nose pads and minor adjustments?

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yellowlighted · 12/02/2012 22:47

Have had two pairs at different times from GlassesDirect, good service, loads of choice. Last time I ordered 4 pairs to try at home and then chose one to have made up to my prescription, but you can try more if you don't like any of the first 4. If you hate them when made up you can send them back, but it has to be straight away. Minor adjustments, well I think you can send them back for them to sort out screws or something (as if), but I've always just sorted them out myself. You could take them to a store and see if they will do it for a fee (because I need thinner lenses the amount I saved would pay for many adjustments, but it depends on your prescription obviously.)

chipmunksex · 12/02/2012 22:59

Oh thank you that's very helpful.

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