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kikidee · 23/01/2006 22:03

When I say "teenage skin" I really mean spots! My skin is prone to break-outs particularly just before/during my period and I've never found anything that really worked for it so I'm looking for recommendations from fellow sufferers.
The only thing that gave any long-term success was Dianette pill, but that's no longer an option. I've tried a fair amount of stuff from mid-price to expensive and I thought I would ask about a bit before making my next purchase.
I'm particularly interested in Liz Earle and Dermalogica if anyone can recommend?

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Tinasan · 27/01/2006 13:41

Hi Kikidee,
I have exactly the same skin as you (poor us!) and a friend recommended Dermalogica. It's really really good, I still get the occasional huge zit but overally my skin has really improved. I use the Active Moist moisturiser and the Clay cleanser. It is expensive but lasts for ages so in my opinion completely worth it.

kikidee · 28/01/2006 22:48

Hi Tinasan, thanks for posting. Glad to hear you would recommend Dermalogica and I think I will give it a try. Looks as if I need to see a consultant first though to recommend products, so will try and find someone local.

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babyonboard · 31/01/2006 15:28

i used to have bad skin and started using 'vichy normaderm' the stockists will give you a little bag with trial size cleanser and toner too if you ask, which saves you spendong loads before finding if it suits you
i know larger lloyds chemists stock it.

it really works miracles!

i also take skin hair and nails supplements from holland and barret.

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