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Sweats/polo shirts on the high street/online

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KurriKurri · 07/02/2012 19:53

Are there any places that do plain (no logo or very small logo) sweat shirts, hoodies and polo shirts in a wide range of colours, - brights and pastels.

All I have found online that is the right kind of thing is fruit of the loom stuff - so they will be my default, but I'd like a bit more choice, - and I prefer proper sizes (14. 16, etc. rather than S M L)

Also trousers, - I want women's cotton or cotton mix sweats straight leg in a range of colours (other than black, navy and grey)

budget - anything reasonably sensible (i.e I wouldn't pay £££ for a polo shirt on principle)

picky moi??


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SharkBite · 08/02/2012 18:35

here. Or too cheap? Grin

KurriKurri · 08/02/2012 20:33

No not too cheap Sharkbite Grin - thank you, - some good things there shirts and hoodies that I like, I didn't think of George, I'll check out Tesco too. I really just want a range of basic sporty wear, but I hate giant company logos all over everything Grin

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