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Do you own a tweed gilet?

9 replies

ruby22 · 06/02/2012 13:45

I've been thinking about buying a tweedy type gilet for a while and really like the look of both this
and this
Does anyone have either and can comment? Or just offer opinions. Thanks

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Forrestgump · 06/02/2012 13:48

Dh does - he has one from crew - its reversable, i was gobsmacked when he came home with it, as he doesnt realy do clothes!

I saw the georgina tweed on friday, its lovely, but already have the georgina in blue from last year, and to be honest i am not sure i would get the wear out of it.

Newdaynewpants · 06/02/2012 13:49

I love the Fat Face one but cannot justify £88 on it - I don't think it's worth it. It's a lovely fit, fairly snug so you might want to size up if you'd regularly wear a thick jumper/fleece underneath it.
But still not worth £88 I don't think. I was prepared to pay £70 but it's not been in a sale yet. But it doesn't stop me lusting after it and if it's ever in a sale under £70 I'll buy one immediately.

OnlyANinja · 06/02/2012 13:49



ruby22 · 06/02/2012 14:03

I should just add I do realise the Lands End one isn't tweed but I much prefer the colour of the grey wool, whereas the Fat Face ones are in colour that wash me out. Has anyone seen darkish gey tweed ones anywhere?
Thanks for opinions so far, slightly relieved to see others think it an ok thing to buy rather than a barrage of 'it's hideous!'

OP posts:
Forrestgump · 06/02/2012 14:11

its not hideous, i just wonder how much wear you would get from it? Fatface often have sales through the year. I had £15 off my Georgina.

ruby22 · 06/02/2012 14:27

Well I currently have a north face one which I have worn alot for the last 2 years, wear it with thermal long sleeve tops on the school run, out walking etc. I just fancied something a bit different, usually if the outdoor temp is above 8c then its fine. I was thinking for use between now and april and again September until mid Nov.

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nearlytherenow · 06/02/2012 14:36

I just bought the fatface tweed Georgina one - £44 in the sale in John Lewis (very odd because fatface didn't put it in their sale). It's lovely. JL don't have it one their website, but it might be worth a call to a couple of stores just to see if they still have it (I only bought mine on Friday).

lisaro · 06/02/2012 14:37

Dear God - no. I just find them seriously unattractive articles of clothing.

ruby22 · 06/02/2012 19:21

nearly therenow I eagerly phoned my 2 local JL stores but neither of them had it. Have decided to order both and decide on appearances etc. will update in due course. Thanks all.

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