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What is cheaper in the USA?

25 replies

whostolethesocks · 04/02/2012 13:27

I know someone going to the USA. Are there any good make up products, etc that are cheaper over there for them to buy?

OP posts:
dingdong3 · 04/02/2012 13:39

Watching with interest as my SIL goes over ever month. Last time she checked Bobbi Brown make up, there was no difference.

posey · 04/02/2012 13:42

Not sure now, but last time I was there Clinique was substantially cheaper.

mummytime · 04/02/2012 13:46

Aussie shampoo, cheaper and much bigger size. Try finding Walgreen or somewhere online to compare prices and sizes.

CMOTDibbler · 04/02/2012 13:51

None of the big names come out cheaper these days. I just like to look round Walgreens and see whats different and new, and stock up on ponytail bands

NatureAbhorsAHoover · 04/02/2012 13:53

Agree lots of good toiletries and things v cheap at Target, Walgreens etc.

Not really makeup, but you can buy bottles of 200 paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets - v cheap and saves faffing about with blister packs when hungover in a hurry.

valiumredhead · 04/02/2012 14:38

Everything ime.

malovitt · 04/02/2012 14:43

I was there in July.
Most makeup much cheaper, especially Clinique, as someone else has said.
Berts Bees stuff too, I bought loads.
Levis, Converse, RayBans - the usual.

berri · 04/02/2012 16:53

Berts Bees & Clinique, as has been said....also:

Estee Lauder
Bare Escentuals (this is the same in $ as it is in £)

Can't think of anything else off-hand but I live here at the mo so can look up prices if you're looking for anything in particular :)

EllenParsons · 04/02/2012 17:38

Most things come out a bit cheaper and if you look you can get some real bargains.

I am in the US at the moment and have been buying loads! I got some v good deals as they often seem to have value packs of stuff e.g. Clinique 3 step travel size + make up remover + eye cream for under $30 dollars, which works out about the same price I pay for just the eye cream in the UK, and the "travel size" moisturiser was the 50ml which costs £16 on its own in UK. (This was in TJ Max, so cheap even for American standards)

In Sephora I got a box of Laura Mercier stuff for $65 dollars which said it was about $160 value (full size tinted moisturiser, primer, undercover pot with face concealer + undereye concealer + powder, 2 brushes, couple of sponges, nice makeup bag) The undercover would have been over $30 on its own!

US nail varnish also good value as the pots are much bigger than most UK ones (15 ml instead of 10)

EllenParsons · 04/02/2012 17:39

Do check though and don't just assume cheaper. I wanted to get Urban Decay Naked 2, thinking it would be cheaper, but it works out about the same (about $50 compared to £35)

Miomio · 04/02/2012 19:03

Big pump dispensers of Aveda used to be cheaper..

I love all the stuff you can get in the drugstores, CFS and the like. Plasters are a good buy too - they have a good variety!

BrianButterfield · 04/02/2012 19:04

Another Clinique rec - also Bare Minerals is much cheaper.

BrianButterfield · 04/02/2012 19:04

Ellen - those Sephora boxes are the business, aren't they? I would have filled my suitcase with them if I could!

HackneyCabbage · 04/02/2012 19:56

Kiehls products...and if you go to one of their stores they always give you loads of freebie samples! pretty much same in $ as in £.

Chocchip88 · 04/02/2012 20:00

OPI! Is £10 a bottle here, about $5 there Envy

Cherrypie32 · 04/02/2012 20:05

My Ugg Kensingtons were £250 in JL at Xmas, £160 bought in US

Maraki · 04/02/2012 20:31

I bought a pair of yoga bottoms from the Nike stire near 5th ave for $70, because they were long and I couldnt find long yoga pants in London (I am 5'10). I felt robbed when I found out that Nike in London sells them for £35!

However, I did get a lovely cashmir Calvin Klein coat in the sales for £130. So, do your research....

BillyBollyBandy · 04/02/2012 20:34

Tigi haircare stuff and DKNY jeans, Guess, Ralph Lauren - sometimes

anniewoo · 04/02/2012 20:34

Sephora new york great as is drugstore duane reades

MrsJohnDeere · 04/02/2012 20:40

Bumble and Bumble hair stuff
Kiehls skin and hair stuff

EllenParsons · 04/02/2012 23:18

Chocchip where can you buy OPI for $5?! Is that a small bottle? In Sephora they are $9.50 each and I have seen a few in Sears for about $8.

Brian, I have another week here so my suitcase probably will be pretty stuffed with them by the end! Another good one I got was a Smashbox set with photo finish primer, undereye brightener, a really nice blusher, o gloss gold lipgloss, gel eyeliner... all for $40 (over $100 value) :o

FelicityWits · 05/02/2012 00:49

I got my clarisonic mia from the US, same number of $ as £s - it's £120 here and cost me £80ish. Works perfectly with a £3 adaptor plug.


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bishboschone · 05/02/2012 07:57

Uggs , my dh gets me a pair of classic short for around £90 instead of £180 here . Proper deckers ones from Nordstrom .

Chocchip88 · 05/02/2012 09:17

Oh! Sorry ellenparsons I'm obviously just hoping! I think must have been told they are about £5 over there and optimistically changed it to

BrianButterfield · 05/02/2012 10:42

Sports gear at outlets is SO cheap. Nike is good but Reebok stuff was just dirt cheap (I've been to the Reebok outlet here, and it's still loads cheaper). US shops let you "stack" discounts" so you can use multiple coupons/offers which is how I ended up with gym tops for about £3 each.

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