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Come and help me with my post-natal wardrobe please suggestions and links welcome

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bigeyes · 04/02/2012 13:18

Hi all s&ber's I lurk quite a bit but wondered if you would like to help make suggestions for my post natal wardrobe.

I am normally a 16 to 18, a SAHM I like to get dressed nice for coffee dates, I like a scarf or two.

I am due a section on the 14th february can't wait to dress my dd in the outfits I've bought her but also looking forward to having a new capsule wardrobe to start with until later in summer when I can lose some more weight.

I'm on everyday, so will answer questions.

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nearlytherenow · 04/02/2012 14:47

Are you planning to breastfeed? Will make quite a difference to what tops you can wear / rules out dresses that don't open at the front etc.

bigeyes · 04/02/2012 15:10

Yes, I have bought two crossover tops from mother are:

Striped cobalt blue l
Plain blah with shrug attached

Both are jersey and bought for practical reasons but did think the blue colour was on trend?

I know what I'm like I don't want to go mad and buy too much, or stuff hat Re clearly mistakes.

My size is proportionate to frame throughout, I'm 5'7.

I have a cream canvas so softly tailored 3/4 trench mac and a sage green cotton Parker.

I survived winter with quilted knee length Parker and leggings with long sleeve ts, can't wait to get rid of leggings.


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nearlytherenow · 04/02/2012 15:30

I'd get a couple of pretty dresses for summer with buttons at the front (and if you feel self conscious about bf with buttons undone either wear a feeding vest underneath, or carry around a big pashmina / wrap to throw over you (buy a big cream one that will go with almost everything and not show up baby sick stains too much!). Something like this which you could wear with tights and boots and a cardy until it gets warm, then wedges / sandals once it's more summery. Although it's not stretchy material, you could always buy the size which you think you'll need post baby then get it altered to fit once your tummy goes back down.

I lived in leggings / tunics for a good few weeks post c-section, it was just so much comfier.

Other options might be jersey-type skirts to wear with vests / t-shirts and cardies or just your existing jumpers? Will see if I can find a link. Others on here will disagree, but I loved my feeding vests - have 5 in a mix of blue, black and white, and wore almost constantly (mainly under things as a layer for discrete feeding) for the first 6 months. I prefered the drop down clip to just pulling down a cheap vest - it felt a bit less exposed (mine left a bit of fabric at the top as well, and I wore them over bras, not instead of). I have these ones - they also held my v wobbly tummy in a bit!

bigeyes · 04/02/2012 16:05


Thanks for detailed advice. I really like the dress, definitely something I would buy. I did see the nursing vests also in mothercare and thought they'd be a sensible buy, like the idea of using these under some of my slouchy jumpers, have a fuchsia pink and a grey cowl neck that would do.

I really do appreciate advice re tops as never fed in public last time and want to be comfortable and ready iykwim.

Guess I'll have to plan for legging wearing for longer.

So I think I'm gonna need:

2x vest nursing vest tops
1x trainers - want to get those Superga ones
1x tan loafers? Are these still a good buy?
1x long loosely fitted but not billowed white shirt
1x straight leg or boyfriend jeans - about 6 to 8 weeks postnatal mid April.

Comments suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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bigeyes · 06/02/2012 12:25


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