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your mission should you choose to accept it is thermal extra small liner gloves

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ThatVikRinA22 · 03/02/2012 03:20

i am trawling the net for extra small thermal liner gloves and can i buggery find any....

found a few pairs on amazon but without sizing info i assume they are mens.

i need extra small
i need thermal
i need liner gloves

can you find them? cos i cant....come on your thing. i need em quick!

OP posts:
ThatVikRinA22 · 03/02/2012 03:27

oh seems i have accidentally ordered a pair from amazon....a bloody tenner for gloves!!!!

never mind. tis done now and i do need em so....thatll teach me to drink wine and surf....

OP posts:
Jacksmania · 03/02/2012 04:33

I can look at my local mountain sports place when info on Subday and post them to you?

Jacksmania · 03/02/2012 04:34


Bloody autocorrect.

Jacksmania · 03/02/2012 04:35

Oops, missed your second post. Oh well. Might have been a bit pricey to post anyway :o

QuietOhSoQuiet · 03/02/2012 10:02

Not sure if you have considered these,silk glove liners,I have them and they are fantabulous,I have reynaulds and these work,they are the business.

I did read you ordered some but if they are no good then look at these :o

QuietOhSoQuiet · 03/02/2012 10:02

damn it forgot to link properly

EdithWeston · 03/02/2012 10:16

Try sports shops. I bought some Optimum Velocity ones which come in a children's size and SML for adults. They're made out of some thin hi-tech fabric and are very warm (do the job for hockey playing DCs, even this week).

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