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Following on from no-spend January... we thought you might be interested in Swishing February

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RowanMumsnet · 02/02/2012 09:55

Hello S&Bers,

We've noticed a few threads recently about trying to cut down on non-essential expenditures, so we thought you might like to take a look at Swishing: clothes-swapping with a touch of glam.

Swishing Week this year will be 15-21 February, and the idea is to throw a Swishing party, or find one nearby to go along to. Swishing is about swapping clothes that you feel proud to pass on. There's usually nothing to pay, and you can update your wardrobe in a sociable and eco-friendly way way.

Have a look at the website to find out more. If you have any questions, post them up here and we'll get the Swishing team to take a look.

[Goes to hunt out the £100 linen trousers that make me look like a baby elephant]


OP posts:
Andeep · 02/02/2012 11:03

What a fabulous idea!

sweetheart · 02/02/2012 15:14

Love the idea - I have several items in my wardrobe which would be suitable - unfortunately there are none close to me Sad

QuietOhSoQuiet · 02/02/2012 15:30

am going to forward this link onto my local pub landlady,I have done clothes swap parties before,great fun and lots of laughs :o

ProfCoxWouldGetIt · 07/02/2012 14:45

This is a great idea - anyone in west berks/south ox want to help me arrange one?

bellatrixrocks · 07/02/2012 15:23

ooh there's one near me tomorrow!!! eeek
I'll have a rummage!

moonmother · 08/02/2012 11:24

Great idea, but none near me Sad

Shame there couldn't be an online one set up- I'm a member of an online book swap club, same sort of idea could be used for swishing online ...

.ponders the idea of setting one up .....

moonmother · 08/02/2012 11:25

ooh I've found one

grace2009 · 18/02/2012 23:59

I've been to a few of these swishing events and they are such a good idea, its a great way to freshen up ur wardrobe without spending any money!

frillyflower · 25/02/2012 09:30

How does it work? Does someone approve or value what you take?

Are you only allowed to swap for items of similar value? Confused

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