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Please help me find a denim jacket - larger lady

2 replies

BumgrapesofWrath · 01/02/2012 20:51

I'm after a denim jacket, fitted shape, lght denim colour. However, I am a size 20 and I am struggling to find one. Can any of you point me in the right direction please?

OP posts:
KateSpade · 01/02/2012 20:59

Do not wear a denim jacket.

If you must theirs this: Not that light but..

Shapely Figure website

I've not been able to find many denim jackets, but i found a lovely waterfall one. I have a similar one in Peach!

Waterfall Jacket

dearprudence · 01/02/2012 21:05


I used to be a size 20 and I quite liked the summer look of a knee-length skirt with a denim jacket and wedge shoes. This one looks like it might be a bit boxy - you could maybe do with something shorter.

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