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blonde hair and highlights

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HoleyGhost · 31/01/2012 20:11

I've naturally got mousey blonde hair, which I don't dye. Lately, I've been thinking about highlights and started noticing how extremely rare it is for colleagues or fellow commuters to have natural looking blonde hair, and the few who do are generally those who don't bother with make up etc either.

So, highlights, yes or no? Would they be an awful bore and expense to maintain? Would they make me look more groomed?

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SixtyFootDoll · 31/01/2012 20:16

I have a semi permanent blond colour put in every 8 weeks or so and a few foils put through, to keep it natural looking

HoleyGhost · 31/01/2012 20:20

every 8 weeks seems doable, why do you have the semi permanent put in? Does it cover greys (I've got a few, but they don't stand out too much)

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SixtyFootDoll · 01/02/2012 10:50

I have had highlights forever, and my hair was getting very dry.
The semi perm lightens without damaging.

dreamingofsun · 01/02/2012 12:53

i have mousey/blond as well. i get my hair highlighted a couple of times a year, which takes a while for the hairdresser to do but i think looks much better. what sort of colours do you have in your hair - i have some reddish colours naturally as well, so i often have a mix of blonde and reddish highlights which i think looks nice. it also helps to hide the grey. i always use conditioner and normally shampoo for dyed hair at first as it does seem to need it.

why don't you give it a try. at least with highlights you don't get that awful growing out look you do when your whole hair gets dyed one colour - so if you decide its too much work it won't look that obvious

HoleyGhost · 03/02/2012 18:35

sorry it has taken me so long to come back, I've had no online access

I had no idea I could get away with highlights a couple of times a year, I think I will go for it, and ask about semi perm

Thank you Grin

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