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Sheepskin boots again

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SilverSixpence · 28/01/2012 23:22

I know this has been done to death, but I have a hankering for a pair of warm sheepskin boots and spent a fortune in the sales so need a cheapish pair. Not interested in Uggs as they are expensive for what they are and want to pay less than £100 ideally. I quite like these which are on sale at the moment, but have also looked at Lambland and Shepherd's Life boots too. They have to be proper sheepskin.

Which is more practical - black or chestnut?

OP posts:
PrimaBallerina · 29/01/2012 00:13

Chestnut goes with more unless you always wear black. I think it's the most 'classic' sheepskin colour too.

I've had Emus in the past in an effort to save money but to be honest I was never really happy until I bought a pair of proper short classic chestnut Uggs. I got mine from and got a good discount but they won't be under £100.

scarlet76 · 29/01/2012 00:47

Have never been willing to pay ugg prices but always wanted nice sheepskin. Hate the cheap cheap lookalikes. I went for just sheepskin brand. I think they might come in at just under £100.

Ixia · 29/01/2012 10:09

My Emus lasted 8yrs, I still wear them in the house, they do however have awfully slippy soles, they are identical to your link, but without the straps.I bought them from TKMaxx.
My current ones are Celtic Sheepskin, they have proper non-slip soles, but I bought their aqua-lamb ones, which are supposed to have a degree of water repellancy - they don't! So I'd stick with the standard ones.
I've also had Billabongs, but they were a pale beige, which looked filthy after a week and even the washing machine couldn't revive them.
I find the chocolate one the easiest colour to keep looking nice.

Ixia · 29/01/2012 10:10
mysteryfairy · 29/01/2012 12:19

Have a look at Brand Alley which has Love From Australia on sale at the moment. Buying from here would allow you to get proper sheepskin boots for considerably under £200. I've had Uggs in various colours. I don't think black last as well and if I was only allowed one pair I'd probably go for chocolate.

SilverSixpence · 29/01/2012 14:02

Thanks, I did see the Brandalley sale yesterday but find the LFA ones are quite bulky looking, although they look good quality. I am leaning towards Just Sheepskin as they are only £60 at Barratts at the moment!

OP posts:
Stilla · 29/01/2012 16:02

Ixia (fab name - I used to live there Grin) 8 years ? wow !

Mine are about 18 months old now, chestnut and look like new . I have Alba's and they have been pre treated with water resistant stuff - I haven't noticed that the soles are slippy though.

Ixia · 30/01/2012 21:28

Stilla -Never realised I was a place, thought I was a flower :)

Stilla · 30/01/2012 23:54

It may well be a flower - but its also a place on the island of Rhodes Grin

spottymoo · 31/01/2012 14:53

Bear paw? Great boots often found in t k max

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