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Can I have some opinions on this dress please?

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Inertia · 28/01/2012 18:19

This Navy Waterfall Dress.

Will be attending a wedding as a guest in June. Bridesmaids are definitely wearing a different colour.

I'm a size 14 and only about 160cm tall, so I would probably need to get it taken up .

I don't suit strapless or mini / knee length, or shiny, so often struggle with wedding outfits- am I looking too early?

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DunderMifflin · 28/01/2012 18:24

I like it but imagine it wouldn't be very forgiving - the underwear they show along with it seems to back my suspicions!

I'm about the same size as you - I'd just keep my eye out for something as you've still got time. You could also obviously order this and see how it looks on.

planetpotty · 28/01/2012 18:26

Inertia it's lovely Smile

I think it will show off all the right bits :)

Good choice. What are you thinking of accessorising with?

cyb · 28/01/2012 18:32

Too long for a guests dress. Is more bridesmaidy. Wear knee length

KandyBarr · 28/01/2012 18:34

It looks lovely in the image and it's a great colour, but it's 100% polyester, which could prove problematic on a summer's day.

OnlyANinja · 28/01/2012 18:35

I like long dresses for guests.

What is that split at the front like? How far does it go up?

whostolemyname · 28/01/2012 18:41

I like it.

Pinkflipflop · 28/01/2012 18:45

Love Grin

FetchezLaVache · 28/01/2012 18:45

I don't like it- I'm about your height and agree with DM that it's likely to be unforgiving. Still, if you like it, why not? Plenty of time to return it and find something else!

LittlePandaBear · 28/01/2012 19:09

I think it's a lovely dress - I was browsing the Coast site the other day and this has similar ruffles and very good reviews if you want an alternative! Coast

fishyonadishy · 28/01/2012 20:01


I think I would feel short and stocky in it and I'm 168cm and a size 12.

BUt you have a better idea than we do as to whether this would suit you.

My only other thoughts - it's quite glam and dark, what kind of wedding is it?

Inertia · 28/01/2012 21:22

DM and Fetchez- I would definitely need something forgiving. I have a bit of a stomach wobble situation which needs working on before the wedding. Was rather hoping the ruffles would hide tummy acreage. (Bum and cleavage are passable).

Planetpotty, Pinkflipflop and whostole- glad you like it :) I fear it wouldn't look like that on me though!

Kandy- good point re polyester, hadn't considered that.

Cyb- I did think about that, which was why I checked the BM dress colour with the bride. But I did wonder whether maxi dresses were so ubiquitous nowadays that nobody would really notice it? Knee length looks awful on me- I fear showing my legs in public in case people think I have stolen them from Dennis Wise.

Onlyaninja- can't tell from the photo, think I'd need to order it and see. Any split above the knee might be a bit too racy .

LittlePanda- that's quite spooky, because I did see that purple dress in the Debenhams sale a couple of weeks ago, but the only one they had on in the shop had a jammed zip and I couldn't try it on. Maybe I should order it and try it?

Fishy- TBH I feel short and stocky whatever I wear, but short dresses tend to exacerbate the problem. The wedding is in quite a glam small country spa hotel so the dress would probably not be too out of place.(Me, on the other hand...:))

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