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Chunky bracelet for charms

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monkeysmama · 27/01/2012 10:27

I have a sweetie bracelet. Dd buys me a star charm every birthday / Mother's day etc. The idea is I'll give it to her when she's older. I like the charms but it's too delicate for me even though it is reasonably large. I'm keen to get a far chunkier bracelet and the charms properly soldered on rather than hanging from the clips which adds to the daintiness that I dislike.

Any suggestions? Maybe I just need to see a good jeweller.

OP posts:
monkeysmama · 28/01/2012 08:53

Any ideas?

OP posts:
blondiep14 · 28/01/2012 09:07

I have a Tiffany charm bracelet which is quite chunky. But I get Links charms which are soldered on.

blondiep14 · 28/01/2012 09:10

Mine isn't a 'return to Tiffany' heart but actual bracelet the same.

monkeysmama · 28/01/2012 11:35

Thanks Blondie. I actually have one of those Tiffany bracelets but it's still not chunky enough I don't think. I will dig it out and have another look though!

OP posts:
blondiep14 · 28/01/2012 12:14

I suppose it's not really that chunky.
Is a good weight for me tho, means it's not too much even with charms so I can wear it every day.

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