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Will a doctor remove facial moles (that aren't cancerous)?

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WannaBeWildCosMyLifesSoTame · 24/01/2012 22:15

I have a couple of moles which are really bothering me, lately they have become quite large and raised and look fairly unsightly (to me anyway). I did have them checked out in case there was anything to worry about but the doctor said they were fine. I would still love to be rid of them though - how would I go about that? Would a doctor do it and if so is it a big job? Or is it something I would have to arrange and pay for myself?

OP posts:
dexter73 · 24/01/2012 22:31

The doctor won't know if the moles are cancerous or not. They would be sent off to the lab when they have been removed to see if they are or not. I have had 2 moles removed because they were changing. I would ask to be referred about your moles if they are really bothering you.

Notinmykitchen · 24/01/2012 22:35

My GP removed a mole that was bothering me. It took about a minute, and was then sent off to be checked, although the doctor said he thought it was OK before he removed it. Its certainly worth asking!

crazynanna · 24/01/2012 22:35

When I was a nurse in a Dental Hospital onr of the Facial Surgeons had a think about removing moles. If you was sitting opposite you in the canteen,he would stare at you,and then when leaving the table would bend and whisper in your ear "I finish my list at 2...pop into my clinic and I will whip that off for you" Shock Grin

ameliagrey · 24/01/2012 22:35

if they are growing or bleed or are likely to bleed if you knock them, then they can be removed. Your dr would not do it- you'd be referred to a dermo or a plastic surgeon. In fact if your GP offers to do them- run!

I had a facial mole removed privately . I am insured but had run out of my allowance for the year and wanted it removed quickly- cost me £500.

Msarsebiscuit · 24/01/2012 22:43

I think, generally, that moles related to malignant melanoma have a fairly specific set of characteristics so I imagine that a GP would refer the op to a dermatologist if they were in any doubt , dexter73.
I know some GPs do minor surgery, personally I'd be after getting a plastic surgeon if I wanted anyone mucking about with my face. Your GP should be able to write a referral letter to a local plastic surgeon, who would probably see you as a private patient - I reckon the cost would depend on what method they needed to use to remove the moles, type of anaesthetic used etc.

Singingahappytune · 24/01/2012 22:55

I had a skin tag removed on the NHS. It was on my eyelid and I explained that I was very conscious of it when falling asleep. If I moved my face on the pillow it sometimes pulled. (sounds enormous but wasnt!) My GP referred me and I had it done about 6 months later in the eye clinic. They were great and didnt make me feel like a time waster at all. I was glad to get shot of it but I think trick was to say it was disturbing my sleep.

Forrestgump · 25/01/2012 00:27

My gp performs minor op's, and he removed one from the side of face no problems. I have no idea why ameliagrey would say run???? My gp is qualified!

In my case it was raised and it got knocked and bled.

I have no scarring and it did not hurt.

AlpinePony · 25/01/2012 05:24

I had a couple removed privately by plastic surgeon. The incisions he made were elliptical in shape rather than "whipping them off" like a GP would. He explained that to maintain the natural contours of the face the incisions needed to by this particular shape. I had to do lots of face pulling so he could see how my muscles worked.

He must've done a good job because nobody, but nobody has ever even noticed I had work done.

ameliagrey · 25/01/2012 08:14

Forest- the reason I didn't want my GP to two it is twotfold:

1 He had removed the mole ( on edge of my bottom lip so rather unsightly- looked more like a wart!) already years ago by freezing it off - ouch. However, it was not fully removed and grew back.

He removed a small mole/growth from my leg and it left a scar worse than the mole- which was benign. Maybe not his fault- but didn't want to risk him doing same on my face.

2 When i saw the plastic surgeon, he told me that the mole should not have been frozen off in the first place because it would not get rid of it - true. The surgeon gave me a local jab- and this was in the operating theatre with full gown, hat etc ( on me!!!) lying down. He used a tool like a straw which cut it out in a circle as a complete piece of skin. He had to put 3 tiny stitches in the wound and they were taken out a week later.

It is now totally healed- was in about 2 weeks- and you can see nothing at all- no scar whatsover.

I know that GPs do minor ops- my DH has had several moles removed from his back- but this has left scars.

When it's your face I think you need an expert.

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