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London trip - 2 days no kids - what do I buy?

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Miomio · 23/01/2012 16:42

I have a pass from lunchtime Friday to lunchtime Sunday - no kids staying with child free friend in SW London.

In Scotland now -but used to live in Camden, so know the centre well but a bit out of touch.

Things I could do with:
new jeans
brown boots
day dresses for spring...and the like!
Outdoor stuff (soft shell type things, good winter mid length coat)

Budget not great at the moment as SAHM and money a bit tight..

So where should I head? Are there any good sales still on?
We don't have any Uniqlos so that is a definite.

Just don't want to wander aimlessly up Regent Street and Oxford circus - I need a plan!

OP posts:
Miomio · 23/01/2012 16:54

What's John Lewis in Oxford street like now - I see they have a Toast concession - would it be worth a look?

OP posts:
KandyBarr · 23/01/2012 17:06

SW London is rather good for shops. Not sure where you are staying, but Richmond has House of Fraser, Jigsaw, French Connection etc. and Clapham Junction has a good selection along Northcote Road.

If you are near Clapham Junction the Westfield shopping centre is a short Overground train ride away at Shepherd's Bush, and that's huge, with everything from H&M to Burberry.

I sometimes nip over to Canary Wharf with an afternoon to spare for shops in different price ranges under one warm, dry roof.

Miomio · 23/01/2012 17:17

I'll be Wandsworth/ Earlsfield way

OP posts:
ameliagrey · 23/01/2012 17:30

Boots will be harder now the sales are over as the spring stuff is coming in. Ditto coats- you have left it a bit late but some shops have some sales bits left over.

You might save time by exploring some shops online and seeing what they have in- such as John Lewis- which is right opposite Uniqlo anyway.

There's a Jigsaw just off Oxford St in St Chris place, and a Kew, can't help with south London though.

KandyBarr · 23/01/2012 17:34

Then you'll be good for Westfield - just change at Clapham Junction and it's a short hop.

animula · 23/01/2012 18:56

You are indeed near Northcote Road - yay! Have a look in Petit Bateau and Cabbages and Roses. Though C and R might make you a little sad if your budget is tight.

And you're near Wimbledon and Kingston. both of those have a comptoir des cotonniers. Which has a sale. Wimbledon has all sorts, actually. Maybe keep that for the Sunday?

I'd still recommend the centre of London, though. I like Diesel jeans - there's a diesel shop in Covent Garden.

Kew have some nice jeans (the 159 range) - though I do wonder if they err a little too much towards jeggings - so much lycra do they have. Don't know if there's a Kew on Northcote Road or in Clapham Jnxn. Don't go to the Kew in Wimbledon - it only sells old lines.

By Oxford Circus there's a Uniqlo and an Urban Outfitters. U. O. is definitely worth a look for unusual dresses. Big Marks and Spencer there too, with good range of Ltd Collection and Autograph. And I still love the £12 M and S jeans that were recommended on here.

But surely your childless friend is going to guide you through the shops of London??

Have fun!!

animula · 23/01/2012 18:59

Just seen John Lewis question. JL is great. They now do an amazing range of perfumes on their ground floor, and have vastly extended their range of clothing on the upper floors.

I think Selfridges is better for Toast, tbh - they have a larger space.

Miomio · 23/01/2012 19:24

thanks for relies. im in edinburgh - we've got things like urban outfitters and anthropilogy here -too ££ atm. want a change from the princes street chains tbh!

a wander through selfridges is always good.

thanks for the kew tips - i like them and we only have concessions not stand alone stores here- picked up some nice stuff at the windsor store last year ( now there is a fab town to shop in - good choice and so compact!!)

OP posts:
KandyBarr · 23/01/2012 19:36

Covent Garden, too - an old chestnut but always worth a trip. Best shops-in-one-place selection right along Longacre, Floral St and Neal St.

geraldine62 · 23/01/2012 19:55

There is a Kew on Northcote Rd. But I was in John Lewis on Oxford Street last week and couldn't believe how much stock was still on sale - all the concessions had lots of lovely things left. I'd head up there if I were you.

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