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What alternatives are there to converse?

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Maybetimeforachange · 22/01/2012 11:22

I m looking for some smartish trainers and have no idea what to go for. I am completely fed up with converse and ideally I would like some flat ASH boots but if I could find something along those lines but cheaper that would be better. It would be to wear with grey or black skinnies and oversized jumpers with lots of statement jewellery / scarves so more in the smart casual side

OP posts:
Maiapraia · 22/01/2012 20:54

Ash boots reduced on Brandalley just now - some of them are only £20!

monkeysmama · 23/01/2012 09:20

I love Ash footwear. I have both the Thelma wedge trainers and flat leather buckle trainers and they're brilliant. They have a zip so are easy on and off. Remember to size down in Ash though as they come up large. Having said that, I really liked the fleece lined trainers they have done this winter but wanted straps not laces so bought my regular size and put a sheepskin foot liner in.

Pelvicflooragogo · 24/01/2012 12:11

Oh no - now I'm totally coveting Ash trainers - I blame you! Want some leather buckle hi tops - just found some in the sale on Jules B. Couldn't get to the brandalley in time - gutted! Have got size 4 as I'm a 5 so hope they're not too small!

OneHandFlapping · 24/01/2012 13:59

I have these. They are very comfortable and are distressing nicely.

SilverSixpence · 24/01/2012 14:39

some of the fitflop converse style trainers look good and are on sale at the moment..around £40 iirc

AmberNectarine · 24/01/2012 14:47

I am a total devotee of Superga trainers, have an all grey pair which I wear a lot, as well as some more colourful pairs.

MrsMeow · 24/01/2012 20:26

Rocket dog have some fab ones, or Vans?

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