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Disaster!!!!! Fav lipstick dicontinued.....

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pharmgirl · 22/01/2012 11:18

can anyone help? Been using Colour me beautiful "sheer nude" for years. It is the perfect shade. Now no longer available. Does anyone know who "makes" CMB lipsticks for them (probably one of the big cosmetic firms?). Closest match, anyone?

OP posts:
Dollydowser · 22/01/2012 13:04

I don't know about a match, but there are a few nude lipsticks mentioned here

Fregley · 22/01/2012 13:21

IMO when something's discontinued its time to take the hint and move on. Ask
Your blunt friend. "did that really suit me or was I just I imaginative ?"

Fregley · 22/01/2012 13:21

Arse. Imagining it

villydilly · 22/01/2012 13:34

fregley you sound very rude, most of your answers are always rude.

essexmumma · 22/01/2012 13:42

Try eBay as often people sell discontinued makeup. Get stocked up so you have enough time to find a replacement!! Smile

ilovearnold · 22/01/2012 14:37

I would second e bay .Also some usa e bay may have .Also there are i think some companies that for a bit more £ mix lippies which have been discontinued if you send a bit of it.Think it MAY be cosmetics a la carte if still exists or google....good luck

Fregley · 22/01/2012 14:57

I am rude.

animula · 22/01/2012 15:08

pharmgirl - I'd suggest taking this as an opportunity to go to a Bobbi Brown counter and get them to find you a nude-that-suits-you. It's their speciality and they're very, very good at it.

I feel your pain. My heart was broken when Rouge Coromondel was discontinued (though there is a match-ish in the YSL range).

But Fregley has a point. No need to hunt around e-Bay. There are many more lipsticks out there to learn to know and love.

Take this as an invitation to walk out, smile on face, into tomorrow!

valiumredhead · 22/01/2012 15:12

Maybeline changed one of their lipsticks ever so slightly and it is now more orangey than pink which looks terrible on me. I still yearn for it!

valiumredhead · 22/01/2012 15:13

It's called the same thing but just ever so slightly WRONG!

pharmgirl · 22/01/2012 15:27

Thanks. Will follow up on all advice. Big sigh, it was SO perfect and the perfect soft consistency i love too. Wail!

OP posts:
violetbunny · 22/01/2012 15:59

If you have a little bit left (or can get your hands on another sample) you could have some additional tubes of it custom made by Three Custom Color. They specialise in custom blending cosmetics and will match any lipstick sample you send them. They also have a database of other discontinued shades that other people have sent in, so you can also check to see if they have the formula on file. They also ship internationally.

Failing that, I'd go with the suggestion to hit up the Bobbi Brown counter, as they have a fantastic range of nude/neutral lipsticks.

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