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Best Primer, come and tell me what one you use

3 replies

Deuce · 21/01/2012 18:16

I use smashbox but would like a cheaper one if possibe.

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Deuce · 21/01/2012 18:57


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pudding25 · 21/01/2012 21:55

I just bought the new No 7 primer. I've never used one before but I can definitely notice a difference. My skin looks smoother.

Pseudonymity · 22/01/2012 02:34

I tried the No7 Protect and Perfect serum for the first time the other day (behind the times I know). Don't know how it is as a serum but have to say it was amazing as a primer. I know it is meant to be a 'serum' but can't see the difference between it and a primer to be honest. It sits on top of the skin just like primer and it smoothes just like primer.

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