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Holiday Hell

3 replies

mrscumberbatch · 21/01/2012 17:08

Righto ladies, this is your mission should you choose to accept it....
We're off to Florida in March, I need a capsule wardrobe to take that is good for slobbing around parks but doesn't make me look like a complete slob.

The hard bit : I'm a 16-18 with large norks. Generally wear a lot of retro clothes.
Have good legs below knees- wouldn't dream of anything above knee length.

Also...does anyone know if my ghds will work over there with an adaptor? I can't face a frizzy hair nightmare!

OP posts:
underactivethyroidmum · 21/01/2012 19:05

We are off to Florida next week and my wardrobe consists of ;

For Daytime -

vest tops but not the ones with shoe string straps

a black cotton shirt and a white shirt which I shall wear open over vest tops if weather is iffy

A line denim skirt

2 pairs of shorts

1 pair of jeans

a couple of v neck long sleeve tops

2 boyfriend type cardigans

1 lightweight wool polo neck jumper

North Face Gilet

fitflops and a pair of nice nike trainers

For Evening -

2 maxi dresses - 1 black and heavy jersey which I can bling up a bit or dress down and wear over a swimsuit and one which I have had a while from monsoon which is navy with big flowers on and is empire line but not flared iswim

dark denim straight leg jeans

4 glitzy tops/silk blouses in jewel colours

white linen bootleg trousers from M and S

cashmere wrap cardigan which in black in case its cool at night (which it will be)

one pair of wedge sandals, flat jewelled flip flops and a pair of black jewelled ballet pumps

Plus undies, socks etc

Florida is a casual place and if you are doing the parks you need comfortable footwear, but even at night very few people get dressed up even to go to the nicer restaurants. It can also be quite cool first thing and late at night in early March but I'm still taking my swimsuit.

I wouldn't stress too much the shopping is fab and it would be a great excuse to hit the outlet malls Grin

mrscumberbatch · 21/01/2012 19:33

Buggerit, I'll just go in my jammies and hit the levi's outlet!

OP posts:
suebfg · 21/01/2012 20:08

You will definitely need trainers or other comfortable footwear if you're trailing around the parks.

We went in late Feb and it was cooler in evenings and also early mornings so take a couple of cardigans/jumpers/jackets.

Definitely recommend this Boden jacket as it's lightweight but will offer protection against spring showers and splash from water rides. Unfortunately they seem to have reduced the colour options this season

Yes, you will be able to pick up lots of T-shirts and shorts from outlet malls - recommend Banana Republic

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