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daft question about hot towels

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AuldAlliance · 20/01/2012 16:15

Daft question alert:

The hairdresser gave me a sample of a Kerastase hair mask, but was v insistent I needed to wrap my hair in a hot towel for it to work.
The one she used on me in the salon was seriously hot, far hotter than mine would be if I left it on the radiator.

How do I heat the towel?

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kittydinner · 20/01/2012 16:24

Hmmm. No expert, but I would say maybe put towel in sink, boil kettle, put on rubber gloves, run hot tap a little over towel... then pour on boiled water, wring with gloved hands... carefully check it's not burny hot, then bung on head. Any good?

aftereight · 20/01/2012 16:30

Was it a hot dry towel? If so, maybe heat it in tumble drier or oven(!), or if it can be damp, folded in the microwave like one of those beany hottie things.

AuldAlliance · 20/01/2012 16:31

It was dry.
I don't have a tumble drier, will maybe try oven. Boiling water might be a plan, too.

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100years · 20/01/2012 16:40

Don't do the boiling water thing as it'll stay boiling in patches, which could cause scalds. Hot water as hot as you can comfortably put hand in is probably as hot as the water should be if using a hot wet towel, then even the hottest bits won't be hot enough to scald, but remember scalp can be more sensitive so it needs to be a comfortable hand heat if that makes sense.

AuldAlliance · 20/01/2012 18:18

V wise advice, thanks!
Not sure I have time to faff about with all this in my already hectic morning routine.

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pistachio · 20/01/2012 21:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuldAlliance · 21/01/2012 21:14

Ooh, yes, that might help prevent scalp scalds (say that after two glasses of rosé).

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