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Paddle brushes?

11 replies

clemetteattlee · 19/01/2012 11:51

Morning all,
My sister has asked me to get her a paddle brush for her birthday. Does anyone have any top recommendations? She has thick, wavy hair.

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missnevermind · 19/01/2012 11:55

Denman always used to be the best. I dont know any other makes.
I can only use a paddle brush, but have been using Asdas own for about 5 years.

Make sure the brush is one piece, not the brush and a handle with a join, this rips your hair out painfully.
And a nice padded bed.

savoycabbage · 19/01/2012 11:57

I have a Mason Pearson brush. It used to take me about 20 minutes to brush through my dd1's tangled hair but it only takes a couple of minutes now.

Graciescotland · 19/01/2012 12:23

I love Aveda's paddle brush. Firm enough to get through my tangled locks but with enough give that it doesn't rip my hair out. It was quite expensive maybe 20-30 quid but I've had mines for 8 years so a worthwhile investment.

Here's a link to aveda's review website but you can get them in house of frasers.

therumoursaretrue · 19/01/2012 12:57

I second gracie about the aveda brush, have this and love it. Definitely worth the money too as iv had mine a long time.

Also think the umberto giannini one is very good, I bought it in boots to keep at my BFs house. Good slightly cheaper alternative to the aveda one.

Havingkittens · 19/01/2012 14:15

Yep, another vote for the Aveda paddle brush here too.

clemetteattlee · 19/01/2012 21:16

Great, thanks everyone.

OP posts:
vez123 · 19/01/2012 22:34

Second the Denman! Have 3 of them. One at home, one at work and one at my Dad's. Much better than the fancy hair salon branded one I once bought..

Magicmayhem · 19/01/2012 22:53

I'm a hairdresser and I swear to god the one that I use and prefer has to be the one that I brought from Primark for £1 I can't fault it...

The3Bears · 20/01/2012 10:32

I have a bodyshop one wasnt too expensive and its great.

valiumredhead · 20/01/2012 13:26


clemetteattlee · 20/01/2012 19:21

Thanks everyone.

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