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asian foundation

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rootietootie · 18/01/2012 18:03

Usually just buy whatever is on special or looks good in boots/superdrug but was wondering if any other mnetters were asian/part asian and could recommend a good foundation, for oily skin? Would be even better if they were available on the internet (that i could buy testers for as well) because I live in rural Scotland.

OP posts:
Msarsebiscuit · 18/01/2012 20:19

I don't have Asian toned skin, in fact I'm about as pale as you can get but Guru Make Up Emporium might be worth looking at - they're really, really helpful and they have an enormous range of colours and they do excellent mail order. I have Make Up Forever HD foundation and it's excellent, especially on my oily nose and chin. Hope this helps and that someone else puts their two penny worth in .

motherinferior · 18/01/2012 20:23

Lancome is doing a whole range of new foundations in all skin colours.

Havingkittens · 18/01/2012 22:47

Illamasqua's Skin Base foundations have a fantastic range of colours for all skin tones. When it was launched last year they did have samples of all the colours so it would be worth enquiring via their website to see if they still have them. I have used them on asian skins (I'm a make up artist) and they look fantastic. Pretty good for oily skin and adaptable coverage too.

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