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Brora sale

7 replies

HellonHeels · 17/01/2012 15:19

Hello all

Does anyone know if the Brora sale prices are likely to go down any further? I've got my eye on a cardigan but hoping it will get cheaper.

OP posts:
higgle · 17/01/2012 16:41

They do usually have a second round of reductions. I'm usually quite good at getting what I want if I wait long enough but this year I've lost out with Toast by waiting too long and missed out on a lovely Dickens and Jones coat too - I think more people have waited for the sales before they bought anything at all this year.

Hopefully · 17/01/2012 16:44

I'd be amazed if there wasn't a second round - lots of things are still showing as plenty left in stock, and some of the A/W items (including a jumper I was hoping to get!) haven't even been reduced yet.

faustina · 17/01/2012 17:46

yes, I am also waiting for them to reduce the jumper I want. I phoned them to ask if it would be in the sale later, and they said "maybe". not v helpful!

MrsCampbellBlack · 17/01/2012 20:01

They often end up in final clearance but never really go that low price wise.

Must say I've gone off brora a bit - they seem to be cutting all their cardigans to be much boxier in shape which is a shame as love the quality of the cashmere.

FrancesFarmer · 17/01/2012 20:04

I have my eye on them - the next round of reductions will be soon, going by the experience of past years.

HellonHeels · 17/01/2012 20:30

Thank you all. I will await further reductions!

OP posts:
faustina · 18/01/2012 11:56

Well they seem to have added a few more things, although not the thing I want. Bastards Sad

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