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Opinions needed on wedding outfit please

25 replies

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 15:52

Right, my bf is getting married and I am a bridesmaid, I can wear what I want and I had planned to wear a fab gold trouser suit. However the other bridesmaids have all chosen black outfits. Yes I know, I think it is morbid too but I don't want to stick out so now need to find something black.

I was thinking of just getting a lovely black tuxedo-type suit but am having difficulty sourcing one.

I have come accross this dress and really like it and I was wondering if the greater mumsnet community thought it would be suitable. FWIW I am a tall, fair haired, curvy size 16/18 and it will be a very stylish wedding this is the dress

OP posts:
Enid · 17/01/2006 15:53

I think very nice

my bridesmaids wore similar in choc brown with fur stoles

katzg · 17/01/2006 15:53

i like very much,

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 15:54

Thanks enid -You see I think choc brown would be lovely but black it is. Actually a fur stole would look fab wouldn't it?

OP posts:
mazzystar · 17/01/2006 15:57

fab with curves!

But why not the gold suit anyway?

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 16:07

The bride insists I can wear the gold suit anyway (I didn't buy it yet) but as her 2 sisters and her niece are all wearing black, I really don't want to stick out and distract from her iykwim.

OP posts:
Carmenere · 17/01/2006 16:10

What about something like this over it or is that over the top

OP posts:
alexsmum · 17/01/2006 16:10

doit do it outshine the bride..

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 16:14

I wouldn't be able to even if I tried , she is incredibly stylish and is wearing an ecru coloured dress with full skirt and a nipped in waist. Over it she is wearing a pale pink satin coat with a large soft cream coloured wrap fur collar,she is going to be radiant. I'm just wary of looking like a mafia widow

OP posts:
Carmenere · 17/01/2006 16:26

I think I preferthis . What do you think?

OP posts:
alexsmum · 17/01/2006 18:18

got to say i think black a very odd choice. is it a church wedding?

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 19:50

Yes it is a church wedding and yes it is odd. especially as she left the decision of what to wear to the bridesmaids ie her sisters - they chose black . I had suggested shades of gold but was swiftly over ruled. The bride in question is very sweet but a little bit meek. However she seems genuinely not to really care, she's definitely not a bridezilla, her dp has organised most of the wedding

OP posts:
Carmenere · 17/01/2006 21:34

bump- I'm still not sure

OP posts:
LadySherlockofLGJ · 17/01/2006 21:47

Prefer the first stole to the second one.

WideWebWitch · 17/01/2006 21:49

I like the dress, v nice. prefer 1st stole too.

Carmenere · 17/01/2006 21:59

I prefer the colour of the second one and the shape of the first one.

OP posts:
alexsmum · 17/01/2006 22:59

i think i would go without the would hide the elegant line of the dress.

Enid · 18/01/2006 08:35

love the shrugs

you'll be glad of it if it is a winter wedding

would get white or cream though personally

Enid · 18/01/2006 08:35

Think black is fine btw if older bridesmaids

I would have been happy with it

MrsMills · 18/01/2006 08:39

I prefer the first shrug, it won't cover the dress too much (which really is gorgeous).

why are they advertising sellotape next to the 2nd shrug?

beasmum · 18/01/2006 09:18

I reckon just the dress, has such a lovely line to it don't put anything over! I wouldn't worry about black for a church wedding - have you guys thought of jollying the theme up with really frivolous hair things? like those feathery 'fascinators' you can get? Or big audrey hepburn style black and white hats? I think black is fine for weddings but why not have some flamboyant fun with it as well?

mazzystar · 18/01/2006 09:32

I prefer the first shrug, think it will show off the dress more. You could get some really excellent shoes to go with that outfit.

Will you have flowers?

Turquoise · 18/01/2006 09:39

Gorgeous dress. I prefer the first shrug but it might look odd with 3/4 lengrth sleeves.

MrsBadger · 18/01/2006 11:20

Black is very 'now' for bridesmaids, esp if men are in black suits or DJs. Have a look here or here or rent Spiderman 2!

slug · 18/01/2006 17:32

Nothing wrong with black. I got married in black. Actually, if you live in London, you can borrow my wedding dress if you like, it's stretch lace, from Ghost.

Carmenere · 18/01/2006 21:48

Thank you all for your input, it is much appreciated. Mrs Badger your wedding looked Very Elegant and Very good fun. Slug thank you for your kind offer but I will be getting trashed and couldn't possibly take care of a sentiment loaded garment
I tried on the dress today and, you know it was just all right. It is made out of a type of soft jersey(almost like t-shirting) fabric and I just wasn't entirely happy with it. I tried on this and although I diddn't like it on the hangar, it actually looked quite good.

I think the best course of action is to drag my mate in with me and to have a major trying on session - I will keep you posted

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