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What are these weird dry skin patches?

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Craparinha · 15/01/2012 16:03

Over the past fortnight I have developed these two patches, each about as big as a two pound coin, on my cheeks close to my nose on either side. They arent red, in fact you can hardly see it, the skin just looks a bit withered and wrinkly close up, bt it feels rough t the touch and a bit sensitive.

I have tried vaseline, aveeno cream, E45 and eight hour cream on it and it hasnt budged. Very strange. What is it????

Have fair, combination skin usually and very rarely get spots or rashes

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WitchOfEndor · 15/01/2012 16:10

Are they totally round? If normal creams arent making any difference it could be fungal...

Craparinha · 15/01/2012 16:20

No nt totally round

Might go to the docs tomorrow en!


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