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What dresses/ skirts/outfits can I wear with these boots

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upahill · 12/01/2012 09:59

I got a pair of TNF Janey boots for Christmas.

HAs any one got any ideas what sort of dresses I could wear without me looking too dumpy. I am 5 5 and a 14 at the moment!

I like casual stuff (hence the boots) but they are narrow fitting on me so even my skinny jeans are a bit too thick for them.

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cruelladepoppins · 12/01/2012 20:25

Ooh, they are nice! Short, straight skirts and thick tights; or leggings and tunics.

Skirts: ooh look, Boden sale: here - Petal Hem skirt, some of the cord ones, fancy ones - quite a few really

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