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What's "in" for glasses?

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AlpinePony · 10/01/2012 13:35

I need to get new glasses - my last pair were 2002 (?) and I bought some wire-framed ones approximately 4 months before everyone started wearing thick ear-frames (if you know what I mean). I see that people are now shifting away from this shape. Any recommendations as to what's hot and what's not?

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swanfall · 10/01/2012 13:58

I went to the opticians yesterday and they almost exclusively had square-ish, heavy dark frames, like the ones here, so I guess they are still in. I also heard that the 1950s style ones that go up at the corners are what's really 'in', but I can't get Dame Edna Everage out of my head when I see them.

I reckon anything that suits you in plastic rather than wire is in!

swanfall · 10/01/2012 13:59

ps Chloe Sevigny's in that link are hideous, but Jennifer Aniston and Zooey look nice imo!

dottyaboutstripes · 10/01/2012 14:05

I have these beauties and get lots of compliments

sobenobu · 10/01/2012 14:22

My young & trendy optician advised that acetate will still be huge even though they have been around a few years now. This style is very popular - KK

DharmaCeutical · 10/01/2012 14:24

the tinie tempah / geek look is still v. in

swanfall · 10/01/2012 14:33

<a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">Just not this

abigboydidit · 10/01/2012 14:55

I went for clear acetate as a trendy alternative to the chunky dark frames as they make me look washed out. Got this pair and get lots of people asking where I got them.

ForwardOcho · 10/01/2012 15:04

I love my specs - they instantly update me and make me feel really trendy. I have just changed my wayfarer type specs which I had for 18 months, to cats eye. I didn't get these, cos I thought they were just a bit too much - I think you need to wear cards and wiggle skirts with these all the time, but this website is really great for fashionable ideas.
Tom Davies does completely bespoke - you can have anything you like, which I found very stressful, but I am loving my choices.

Vizzini · 10/01/2012 17:03

I bought the ones the model is wearing here in black and brown. I love them.

AlpinePony · 10/01/2012 17:37

I'm loving all the pictures, so much inspiration. dotty I love those!

Not sure about the 50's style, not sure they suit me but it's something to try out.

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