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The quest for the perfect jeans

6 replies

Stylish · 15/01/2006 21:59


Am feeling less then stylish atm. My fave jeans have just developed a hole in the bum, so I need a new pair.

However, I forsee a nightmare.

I am 5'7 so not that tall, but my legs are quite long, and i prefer my jeans to touch the floor.

I have a rather flabby/sticky out stomach, huge thighs and bum. I am a size 18/20 in most clothes on the bottom half.

I need them to be comfy but smart enough to dress up. I prefer the darker denims.

I don't have a huge budget [say over about £80] but I need something that'll last, as I literally LIVE in my jeans.

Can ANYONE help me?!

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 15/01/2006 22:21

If you can bear to spend the money I can't recommend seven jeans enough. They are very expensive (£130 min upto about £180 ) but they are a fantastic fit and incredibly comfy. and if you work out cost per wear then they come out far better value than a standard posh frock for wedding or similar (well, that's how I justify them anyway). I'm smaller than you so can't say from direct expereince what they'll be like on your size but I think they do fab things to you bum, definitely worth a try.

rummum · 15/01/2006 22:36

£80 on a pair of jeans
£180 ... You are kidding me.....

I must live on a different planet...

[mutters... I could feed my family for a fortnight on that sort of money!]

KateMossinredredskinnypants · 15/01/2006 22:44

I hear you can get Sevens in tkmax now..........

Stylish · 15/01/2006 23:36

rummum £80 would be the MOST i'd spend on jeans, and they'd have to be pretty damn good jeans for that.

And i've just re-read my original post and it should read I don't have a huge budget [say about £80 TOPS]

OP posts:
KateMossinredredskinnypants · 16/01/2006 12:11

You should try Monsoon when the new stock comes in, their trousers and jeans are cut very well, and wash and wear very well. A friend of mine wears them and they look very good on her, she is about the same size as you.
I think they cost her around 40 pounds, so you could get two pairs!

Stylish · 16/01/2006 15:07

thanks, will take a look

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