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pretty dungarees for baby girls?

13 replies

novadandypowder · 09/01/2006 13:18

as cute as they look, i think dresses for babies are totally impractical, so i prefer to dress my 12wk old dd in dungarees.
However, i'm fed up with people mistaking dd for a boy, so does anyone know where i can buy pretty girlie dungarees?

OP posts:
spots · 09/01/2006 13:19

We had some lovely yellow oshkosh ones with frills round the bottom for DD. They were a gift but bound to be a website?

serenity · 09/01/2006 13:20

Boots do Oshkosh.

WigWamBam · 09/01/2006 13:22

I found that people mistook my dd for a boy even when she was wearing dresses, bright pink clothes and flowery patterns, so I wouldn't worry too much about that - it will probably still happen, even if you put her in girlie clothes!

Oshkosh do have some pretty dungarees in, so do Next and H&M.

blondie82 · 09/01/2006 13:29

i agree with wigwambam about next, they got some lovely dungarees in there. i also got some from mothercare too...

misdee · 09/01/2006 13:33

i like dungerees for babies and young children, but can i get my 3yr old to wear them, can i heck? too fiddly for her to go to the loo by herself.

nailpolish · 09/01/2006 13:33


misdee · 09/01/2006 13:38

next pnly have 1 p[air of dungerees for girls in baby sizes here

WigWamBam · 09/01/2006 13:42

More Next dungarees - the stone ones are really pretty.

misdee · 09/01/2006 13:43

i couldnt find those lol.

nutcracker · 09/01/2006 13:43

Woolies always used to do pretty dungarees, but it's been a few years now since I had to buy any so don't quote me on it.

WigWamBam · 09/01/2006 13:49

Some nice ones in M&S here

novadandypowder · 09/01/2006 13:51

thanks everyone - the next ones are fab, and i would never have thought of looking there

OP posts:
Hazellnut · 09/01/2006 22:51

Dd has some great ones from Asda - lilac and a little bit frilly - agree that dungarees are great !!

Like WWB though, dd is still sometimes mistaken for a boy when wearing pink dresses even though i think she looks like a girl (me biased ?).... not having much hair though didn't help for a while !!

Osh kosh good too- can used advantage points too to buy them with !

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