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HELP!!! feel like ive landed on planet mars!!

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blondie14 · 28/12/2005 22:16

ok, being pregnant was great, didnt have to worry about what i looked like, what was in fashion etc it was just a case of finding something that fit. Now, i feel like i have landed on planet mars!! I am in my early 20's and seem to have got stuck in the "mumsy" rut, big baggy clothes to hide my stomach. Have been praying for a visit from trinny and susanna but it hasnt happened yet. Any one out there with any tips or advice??!

OP posts:
colditz · 28/12/2005 22:21

Go to select and buy some clothes

Seriously though, don't let yourself buy clothes from 'mumsy' shops. Go to shops that other people who are the same age as you go to, and shop there for your clothes. You are too young for -

The Sweater Shop
And living in leggings and jogging bottoms.

I am 25 and my (clothes shop manager) friend told me off last year for wearing something my mum had bought for herself but which didn't fit. She had a point!

Happily, I am now 25 weeks pregnant, so slouch around in jogging bottoms again.

redredpants · 28/12/2005 22:41

Got to Oasis, warehouse, h & m, Miss Selfridge, Topshop,
Those are all the shops I have difficulty with, as I am 38, but I still do struggle to wear their clothes. Although , I do venture into Oasis!and like it v.much!
Agree, do not go into the shops mentioned, and also do not go to Next.

blondie14 · 28/12/2005 22:42

Congrats on being pregnant again! think i am to critical of my body and think my stomach hangs out. It used to be nice and flat!! did you find that eveything fits different after your baby?

OP posts:
blondie14 · 28/12/2005 22:44

next? thats where i have been shopping!! oh dear i have got it so wrong!!

OP posts:
colditz · 28/12/2005 22:45

agree with redredpants. Go on a Wdenesday afternoon or something, find someone who looks old enough to know what she is doing with you (not the 15 year old work placement girl!) and tell them precisely what you want, and what you want to cover up.

I am very lucky to have a shop manager friend, as I am cursed with No Taste. Others who are not so lucky should demand a shop assistant's full attention if they are not busy. That's what they are there for.

thecattleareALOHing · 28/12/2005 22:47

I'm 42 and was in H&M today! Wanted a very nice black cord jacket but they were all too small (size 12 biggest). Bought a cute woolly hat and lovely long green t-shirt though.
I bet you are gorgeous. Blimey, early twenties! Wear what you like, girl.
Big baggy clothes hide nothing btw - just make you look big and baggy. Fitted is the way to go. Get that nice black cord jacket from H&M - only £19.99!

colditz · 28/12/2005 22:48

No blondie, , no, I didn't, as was a size 18 before ds (2.8) and was a size 18 when I got pregnant with this one too.

Also I have always had a large belly in proportion to my bum, and always had big boobs, so a post-pregnancy body (sadly) wasn't much of a shock to me!

colditz · 28/12/2005 22:48

Yes, fitted and black is the way forward.

mazzystar · 28/12/2005 22:50

they have personal shoppers at topshop

if you are early 20s you should be laughing their clothes are wicked these days

thecattleareALOHing · 28/12/2005 22:50

And add a bit of colour too. I also recommend the t-shirt. A snip at £7.99. And a cute, funky scarf. and boots with a bit of a heel.

shades1 · 28/12/2005 22:51

I don't mind next but I am a 30 something ! body is very different after a baby and I've never gotten back the body I had before, was able to wear cropped tops with hipster pants a la Christina or Brintney - alas no more - but my beautiful babies more than make up for it, i've just found an attractive line in bustier tops or tops with out back, just learning to show off a different but euqually complimentary part of the body.

Tummy tuck has been contemplated but at £7k big knickers from M&S is doing the job at the moment

thecattleareALOHing · 28/12/2005 22:51

Personal shoppers at Top Shop apparently fantastic.

blondie14 · 28/12/2005 23:20

well i say early 20's, i am 24. around here we dont have many shops and the assistants arent helpful, and have all just left school!

OP posts:
thecattleareALOHing · 29/12/2005 18:54

Where are you?

blondie14 · 01/01/2006 17:55

im in kendal, the only shops we have is new look, dorothy perkins a small topshop and an even smaller oasis!

OP posts:
blondie14 · 01/01/2006 17:55

oh and a next.

OP posts:
nikkie · 01/01/2006 20:41

I'm in Barrow, go to Barrow but none of the shops are that big or Lancaster?

blondie14 · 01/01/2006 23:51

i never thought of going to lancaster. now thats sorted just have to work on actually getting some clothes when i go!

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