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hair extensions...anyone had them?

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JayzMummysATurkeyStuffer · 08/12/2005 16:31

thinking about having some done.

I have appointment for consultaion on saturday morning....they will be done on Tuesday if I go ahead.

What are your experiences...good and bad???

OP posts:
JayzMummysATurkeyStuffer · 08/12/2005 19:02

noone has had them then???

OP posts:
noddyholder · 08/12/2005 19:08

I had them in the eighties as I worked in a salon that pioneered them They are v difficult to get used to and as they grow out they look dreadful.They are good for bulking out layered styles though but the long straight look always looks fake and the join is often visible.Having said that I swanned around like a mermaid when i had mine and thought I looked great!

twirlingaroundthechristmastree · 08/12/2005 19:13

VB has them permanently doesn't she?

JayzMummysATurkeyStuffer · 08/12/2005 20:12

Ive got shoulder length hair and the hairdresser today suggested having some extensions put in to bulk it up a bit. Its ringlet curly and she showed me some pieces that look fab and would be ace for the christmas season...not that I'll be mad partying!!!
Ive been growing my hair for an age and it never seems to get past my shoulders. I just fancy having a change and would love to have longer hair.
She has quoted £400 for a full head, but will reduce it if I let one of the juniors stylists do it with her supervison. It will take 5 hours to put them in.
Im not sure what to do...maintenace after the intitial session sounds a PITA and I keep thinking what happens if I really hate them...its a lot of money to spend just to have them taken out after a couple of weeks.
DH just keeps saying "go for it"...he has a thing about long hair!!!!

OP posts:
noddyholder · 08/12/2005 22:00

Works better on curly hair so go for it It seems to blend better

expatinscotland · 08/12/2005 22:01

Too much of a PITA, IMO. Plus the expense. Nah.

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