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Dungarees??? Help.

23 replies

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:08

I need your help ladies. I'm almost 7 months pregnant and it appears that I have suddenly popped out!!
Up until now I have been comfortable in my huge elasticated band waisted jeans and skirts but suddenly they have become uncomfortable. I found myslef in Mothercare this morning in desperation and considering dungarees quite seriously. Infact, I even tried them on!!! I looked HUGE.
So what do I do? Do I give in a buy the dungarees that I always promised myself that I wouldn't or do I struggle on pulling up my jeans and hoping for the best?
Should I just accept the fact that I'm not going to look gorgeous this Christmas?

OP posts:
LucyJones · 08/12/2005 11:11

Hi MrsD - hope the pregnancy is goig okay!! I would forego fashion and buy what's most comfy for you!!

feastofsteven · 08/12/2005 11:11

Throw a nice big top/jumper over the dungarees, so they don't look so obviously dungaree like!

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:14

That's what I thought. I did so and I looked even bigger!!!!
Has anyone out there worn dungarees?

OP posts:
NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 08/12/2005 11:14

Go for it. I'm going to get some I think.

You could wear them with top half down and a long top.

merrycompo · 08/12/2005 11:16

You know this thread should really be in Pregnancy and Pregancy and being stylish don't really go together I'm with the others - go for it!!

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:16

Won't they fall down?

I am imagining Cod popping in and saying
"Nooooo, don't do it!!"

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:17

I see merrycompo, maybe you are right.

OP posts:
merrycompo · 08/12/2005 11:18

didn't mean to sound negative - just hate that even when pregnant we have to feel stylish

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 08/12/2005 11:18

No they shouldn't do because they have buttons on the sides don't they.

If you get them, I'll get them

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:21

I think these ones would fall down.
Anyway, I remember pretty candles saying a while ago that we should be proud of our bumps and this struck a cord with me. So I usually try to show my bump off nicely.
I teach and I'm fully aware of how students judge their lecturers on how they look.

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:23

Bubs is breakdancing at the moment - underneath my ribs!!

OP posts:
jinglybits · 08/12/2005 11:26

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! don't wear dungarees , you will feel and look huge. buy the jeans with the strenchy elasticated bit at the top. i mean if you want to do it, but you don't have to. it's not about looking stylish, its about how you feel. i wore huge oversized clothes and it wasn't until a few months post birth that i suddenly realised how dull and frumpy i'd been feeling, it's not good for self-esteem!

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 08/12/2005 11:29

A slight hijack here. Has anyone bought any of those early term jeans and been able to wear them throught the pregnancy?

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 11:36

jinglybits, my feelings exactly. It's just my comfortable jeans with the big elastic bit at the top are no so comfortable anymore.
I'm fed up being pregnant!!

OP posts:
fennel · 08/12/2005 11:41

i LIKE dungarees.

am not a style icon, however.

if you wear maternity dungarees with jumper on top make sure you don't have weak late pregnancy bladder or you'll spend ages unfastening everything.

jinglybits · 08/12/2005 12:01

well, what i did in the last gasps of preganancy was just wear black jogging bottoms, but they were long length and quite smart, a bit shapley not the cheap ones with a saggy bottom!

jinglybits · 08/12/2005 12:03

or look for some trousers that button up and just don't do up the buttons, cover over with a long top! i had one pair of maternity trousers that had buttons to adjust the waist but they were ridiculous because you adjusted them to your bump but if you stretched up for anything your bump would come in a bit and they would fall down! in the end i used to wear them rolled up under my bump

ohFennelyeHerbful · 08/12/2005 12:04

how about just buying a couple of nice pairs of trousers in a slightly larger size maternity wear. if you've got a couple of months (or more) left - also you can use them for the next two pregnancies, IIRC your plans

agree dungarees give off a fairly unprofessional image. have lectured in them but felt a bit self conscious.

MrsDoolittle · 08/12/2005 12:05

Uhmmm jinglybits, I share this too.

OP posts:
teeavee · 08/12/2005 12:05

try and avoid dungarees at all costs
I bough maternity jeans that had a side zip and covered the bump, then wore with longish tops.

managed to salvage some dignity that way

ohFennelyeHerbful · 08/12/2005 12:06

can't actually recall much matching of dignity and late pregnancy. the two are mutually incompatible IME.

am a veteran pregnancy-hater.

teeavee · 08/12/2005 12:09

no need to consciously play up the humpty-dympty look though is there

mazzystar · 08/12/2005 12:11


dungarees will make you look like a pregnant children's tv presenter

get some nice jersey drapey trousers (gap do them) very comfy, or asda in big sizes or isabella oliver if you have a bit more £ spare (whoever has)

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