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Can we have a list of good maternity wear stores. On-line and high street please.

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NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 07/12/2005 18:46

So far I've checked out the following...

Dorothy Perkins
Jojo maman bebe
La Redoute

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motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 18:46


spykid · 07/12/2005 18:47


jinglinggoblin · 07/12/2005 18:48

asda. also did nursing bras last time i looked. and their sports bras are perfect as maternity bras and only £5!

PrincessPlumPuddingHead · 07/12/2005 18:49

the ones you've listed are all pretty horrible as I'm sure you've found out!
My best buys were from h&m, topshop, isabella oliver (super nice).
I also bought a lot in the states but that isn't much use for you.
tshirts and things from blooming marvellous and jojomamanbebe were OK.
Formes is OK if you have the shape for it (just have to try it on) and need good work clothes but v expensive for what you get.
Next and Mothercare are absolute crap!

SpringCrimboTurkey · 07/12/2005 18:49

Defo recommend H&M - i got lods from there when i was pg

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 07/12/2005 18:55

I'm afraid I haven't got Isabella Oliver or Formes budget.

I forgot about H&M. Will check out Blooming Marvellous too.

Thanks, these are great.

OP posts:
falalaala · 07/12/2005 18:55

i used dorothy perkins and next for staples (black trousers, cords,etc - next do a longer length, which i needed) and blooming marvellous for fab tshirts and quite nice dresses. didn't have much money though so didn't get much!

motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 18:56

Stretchy velvet dresses from charity shops are also well worth checking out IMO.

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 07/12/2005 21:17


OP posts:
mamadeux · 07/12/2005 21:20

mamas and papas online store, Debenhams

hornbag · 07/12/2005 21:26

Gap ( not sure if its in their shops or not but I noticed a lot of Gap maternity wear on ebay after I had my two)

SueW · 07/12/2005 21:27

I saw Red Herring Maternity at Debenhams yesterday. Didn't look at it though.

Found this list of links when searching for a website.

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 07/12/2005 21:38

Oooh great, thanks

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