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Best place to find a nice rip off of that nice Roland thingybob dress of the moment online?

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NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:30

Found one on ASOS, but not sure what the quality is like and I think you have to pay for returns with them. I want it for DH's xmas doo on Dec 17th

OP posts:
MistleToo · 07/12/2005 14:31

can we see? cos I don't have scooby what you're talking about?

so you haven't got the dress or the shoes?

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:33

I know, I know, I'm crap ! Too busy shopping for everyone else's christmas presents. Grrr

OP posts:
motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 14:35

Thought Topshop had one?

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:35


It's the Galaxy dress....

OP posts:
FIMBObellsFimbleAllTheWay · 07/12/2005 14:35

NDP you will be at home watching the X factor final so you won't need a dress (and shoes) LOL

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:35
OP posts:
Auntybrandybutter · 07/12/2005 14:36

ASOS is very good..or so I have been told!

FIMBObellsFimbleAllTheWay · 07/12/2005 14:36

Are you sure you want that dress NDP? - Carol Vorderman has one..........

motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 14:36

and now i'll look for it

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:38

oh great !

In an ideal world I'd have the Original Roland Mouret and the beautiful Lulu Guinness shoes, but alas, I'm not minted . Poor me

OP posts:
motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 14:39

guess this it?

motherinfurrierfestivehat · 07/12/2005 14:40

That link's not working, I think, but there is a £40 dress which looks pretty spot on.

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:42

I've looked under dresses on TopShop but I can't see it anywhere

OP posts:
ParrupupumScum · 07/12/2005 14:49

Go to "shop by" then "dresses". It's the second one in.

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:50

DUH ! I'm blind. Thanks for that scummy.

OP posts:
fireflyfairy2 · 07/12/2005 14:51

If you go: "shop by": Dresses..

Is it the second on the left you mean MIAFFH?

nailpolish · 07/12/2005 14:54

ooh that dress is gorgoeous ndp

i have missed this fabulous dress phenomenon

take it your not bidding for the one on e bay though?

and the one on e bay is brown, the topshop one is so nicer

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 14:58

I wish, np. I think I prefer the asos version actually. It's here, looks a bit loose on the model but saw it on GMTV this morning and it looked nicely fitted

OP posts:
NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 15:00

It'd look proper sexy with my Lulu Guinness-a-likeys, which I still haven't found yet.

OP posts:
nailpolish · 07/12/2005 15:01

why cant i get ASOS? it keeps telling me to come back later, has done for weeks now

oh well

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 15:02

It was doing that for me earlier, said the site was down for maintenance, it's ok for me now though.

OP posts:
NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 15:02

The ASOS one is black sexy sateen, £35

OP posts:
peckarollover · 07/12/2005 15:03

oooo, oooo, oooooo I would love one of those

nailpolish · 07/12/2005 15:03

i still like the TS one - the colour

although im boring and always end up with the black

i love dresses but cant wear them as im only 5'

(unless TS has them in the petite section)

NomDePlumPudding · 07/12/2005 15:05

I'm 5'7" so length not a problem

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