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I need a pretty blouse/top for my 8yo Where from?

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katymac · 02/12/2005 20:44

I bought a lovely one from Tesco - but it didn't fit

Can you buy Tescos online?

Or can anyone suggest a pretty white summer top - that I can buy easily or on-line

OP posts:
Milgestoe · 02/12/2005 20:52


katymac · 03/12/2005 12:31

My Auntie has gone to western favell tescos to see if they have her size

Fingers crossed

OP posts:
katymac · 03/12/2005 13:05

Oh no - they don't have it either

What can I do?

OP posts:
kid · 03/12/2005 13:07

Asda? You can check online if they have anything you like.

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