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Can you all please help my DH at christmas??

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LadyTophamHatt · 28/11/2005 12:26

I really want him to buy me something that he's chosen this year.
I say the same every year but I also end up buying myself something about 2-3 days before xmas day.

Can you all please post links to site that sell nice smart boots(black, pointy, small-medium hight heel please) and nice leather handbags, not too posh though.

I'll be over the moon if I get something he's chosen himself!

Oh...and can you teach him how to wrap it too[

OP posts:
FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:37

great leather handbags here LordTophamHatt

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:42

nice boots here m'Lord

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:46

not these!!!!!


or these maybe

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:49

these are nice too

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:55

these are perfect, but you're not getting a present LordTophamHatt, in a way, they are your present too

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:56

oh bother, you have to go to 'classic boots', then bottom one called Peony

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 12:57

must go and nibble on lettuce leaves now

hope to get a percentage of any purchase of course

LadyTophamHatt · 28/11/2005 14:35

blimey frenchgirl!

you deserve a medal for most links posted on a single thread

OP posts:
FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 15:32

got a bit carried away didn't I...

it is a noble cause though, that any dh should be able to buy a decent pressie for Xmas

ps: do you like any of them???

LadyTophamHatt · 28/11/2005 15:53

well, I nearly fainted at the prices of some of them because I'm constantly trying to find things for half the price of everything else (much to Dh's delight)...I think it's called being tight and there are sooo many nice bags on there that I don't think I'd trust him to buy one....6,7,8 of them maybe but not just one

OP posts:
FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl · 28/11/2005 19:00

bump for LordTophamHatt

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