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Calling all PRIMARK fans...

15 replies

TinyGang · 26/11/2005 19:40

Didn't know whether to put this in the TV topic, but anyway....

Next Friday BBC2 7pm a programme about Primark is on. It says next year Primark plans to 'open dozens of new outlets next year'. Pleeese let one of them be near me. Hooray!

OP posts:
marne · 26/11/2005 19:44

Aparently primark has bought all the littlewoods stores, are loccal one is being turned into primark and ive herd of a few others to.

Blandmum · 26/11/2005 19:44

Whet there today and bought some smashing pjs for mt two kids £4 each.....what a steal!

JessicaandRebeccasmummy · 26/11/2005 19:47

i LOVE primark - well worth the 20 mile trip to our closest one!

got a top and a jumper from there last week for the grand total of £10!

spent £30 a few weeks before on about 7 outfits for the girls.... woo hoo!

(planning another trip on wednesday!)

TinyGang · 26/11/2005 19:49

Hpoefully they'll open one nearer to you J&R'sMummy. That's what I'm hoping for!

OP posts:
JessicaandRebeccasmummy · 26/11/2005 19:50

i hope so.... i dont mind too much because we tie it in with visiting my dad who lives in the same town.

Yorkiegirl · 26/11/2005 19:53

Message withdrawn

Smurfgirl · 26/11/2005 20:04

They are opening one in Hull v.soon, hopefully in the next two/three weeks!

yULeYSEES · 26/11/2005 20:26

we're getting a huge one in the old littlewoods store

Blossomhill · 26/11/2005 20:29

One opening in Sutton, Surrey in April

dinny · 26/11/2005 20:37

I love lots of their stuff and have got some fab clothes from there but I HATE going to our local one (TOoting). Is a total bun fight, packed, eurgh. Worth it though, I suppose!

jambuttie · 26/11/2005 21:22

Oh i would love one to be near us too.

We went to east Kilbride last week just to go to this shop. spent £160 but got loads and loads

bettythebuilder · 26/11/2005 21:57

OOh, Smurfgirl... where is the one in Hull going to be? I might have to have a day out visiting old haunts! Our Littlewoods is closing, but they have not said what it will become, yet. Fingers crossed!

vickiyumyum · 26/11/2005 22:00

i brought ds2 two jumpers for £5 each exactly the same as some designer ones i had seen for £30 elsewhere!

Smurfgirl · 26/11/2005 22:33

bettythebuilder it is where Allders used to be, tacked onto the side of Princes Quay

mumfor1sttime · 26/11/2005 22:40

I went to Primark on Friday with my sister, and found some great thick fleecey babygros/sleepsuits with feet for only £4 each. Thought they would be brill for ds in winter as he always kicks his covers off.

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