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Themed christmas trees?

17 replies

twirlaround · 21/11/2005 18:06

Does anyone really have a themed christmas tree like you see in christmas shops - or is it only shops and institutions that do?

OP posts:
Blandmum · 21/11/2005 18:07

Mine is always themed, 'Whatever we have in the box, and lots of tacky kids stuff!'

twirlaround · 21/11/2005 18:08

that's like my mum's!
Does anyone really buy a new set of decs each year?

OP posts:
GoldFrankincenseandMerlin · 21/11/2005 18:09

mine started as mainly red/gold/green years ago, but I keep adding to it and this year I've bought some lovely purply bits to add in (well I think it will look OK!)

I think it's nice to have a mixture with all the old decorations that bring back memories for the little ones too.

Blu · 21/11/2005 18:09

Ours is very Indian in look, deep magenta and purple balls, with jewels, indian-looking decorations. Partly by design, partly by accident. Wouldn't buy new stuff each year, so anyhting new tends to complement the look.

Hulababy · 21/11/2005 18:10

No - ours is what we have. DD did go and choose some new pink baubles last year so mostly the new stuff is similar colours, but lots of older stuff thrown in and some of DD's home made ones too, plus chocolate treats

mazzystar · 21/11/2005 18:10

isn't the theme "christmas"?

Blu · 21/11/2005 18:11

But my brother, sister and I are always outraged if my Mum tries to vary hers - that's the one that has to have the ancient stuff from when we were little, and we actually argue about who will inherit the moons or the miniture musical instruments.....

twirlaround · 21/11/2005 18:29

yeah & I would hate it if my mum varied hers!

But I am seduced by the christmas shops - am I the only one?

I want to buy a tree and a whole set of themed decs!

OP posts:
jenkel · 21/11/2005 19:11

Our tree is a complete mismatch, I generally just buy decorations that I like regardless of style/colour plus ones that the kids have made and I love it.

BudaBabe · 21/11/2005 19:47

I buy new every year but just to add to what we have. Tend to stick to the traditiona red/green/gold thing but get tempted by a new "themed" look.

Saw some lovely orange/pink/lime green decs in Ikea - was tempted - may do in the hall on a small tree!

fairydust · 21/11/2005 19:50

mine is always themed - i tend to get new ones every other christmas - this yr it will be silver and white.

mymama · 22/11/2005 09:00

I do a theme each year and buy mostly new decs. This year will be pink, green and silver. Myer have gorgeous funky angels and reindeers in these colours this year so I will buy one each for the kids as their decoration this year. I put the things kids make on the walls and hanging from doorways etc. We also put lights on the outside. Way ott I know but we don't have any relatives to celebrate with so I try to make up for it in other areas.

gingerbear · 22/11/2005 09:12

Black artificial trees are 'in' this year apparently.
Saw one in B&Q - naff naff naff.

I have some decorations that are over 30 yrs old - I prefer old traditions.

acnebride · 22/11/2005 09:21

do tend to theme a little, i.e. i have too many decorations for one tree, so i pick colours that go. but now that ds is officially jewish, my theme is 'hanukkah'

Bozza · 22/11/2005 09:31

No don't do themed. I have quite a lot of wooden decorations that I have purchased since DS was born - little drums and snowmen and soldiers etc. Then I will allow the children to choose a new wooden decoration each this Christmas - maybe from Accessorize. The I have various other things that we have been given or had pre-kids.

I suppose we have a theme of breakable at the top and not breakable at the bottom....

mymama · 22/11/2005 12:07

Bozza - you reminded me we do have another theme - nothing on the bottom half and everything else up top. Basically anything out of ds (2) reach

Lizzylou · 22/11/2005 12:12

I add very year, no real theme, but lots of "childish" decorations, wooden toys/angels etc, one year splashed out on loads of lovely decorations from The Pier. We have a small tree which will be all silver this year and will be in the dining room.

I was devastated when my Mom threw out all our old decorations and went "themed" in red and gold a few years ago...v traumatic!

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